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Stony Brook Southampton Hosting David Rakoff Tribute In Honor Of Namesake Studio Opening

by Nicole Barylski
Art News - "David's presence as a writer, teacher, and friend made a powerful and lasting impression on us, just as it has with so many others," Robert Reeves relayed.

Sag Harbor Cinema Arts Center Screening Errol Morris' "American Dharma"

by Nicole Barylski
Art News - "Facing danger, square on, is usually the best course of action. Our country was plunged into chaos, or worse, in 2016. And Stephen K. Bannon was at the center of it. I feel that it is important to talk to him, to investigate him, and to understand his point of view," Morris noted.

Emilia Kabakov And Ilya Kabakov Taking Part In Hamptons "Artist Speak"

by Nicole Barylski
Art News - "Much like Mabel and Victor did, the Kabakovs believe in the transformative power of art and its ability to improve the individual and society," Esperanza Leon explained.

THAW Off With The Hamptons Arts Network

by Nicole Barylski
Art News - "It's a great way to celebrate spring with laughter and music, and working together with my fellow arts organizations!" Tracy Mitchell relayed.

Five Hamptons Winter Camp Options To Enrich And Entertain All Ages

by Nicole Barylski
Art News - "This is the first year we are offering two age groups for the February camp," O'Reilly noted. "It's part of our expanding theater education plans for 2019."

Hamptons-Based Museum To Explore The Legacy Of Fred W. McDarrah During Special Talk

by Nicole Barylski
Art News - "These photographs by Fred McDarrah give us an extraordinary glimpse into the cultural milieu of the '60s and '70s, and an intimate view of some of the most important artists of the time," said Alicia Longwell.

Hamptons-Based Museum To Participate In ReCharge NY

by Nicole Barylski
Art News - "The museum will greatly benefit from a reduction in energy costs," Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele, Jr. relayed.

INTERVIEW: Artist William Richmond-Watson Talks Creativity In The Hamptons

by Sydney A. Braat
Art News - "I love that Warhol, Pollock and de Kooning were all out there. I like imagining them working in the summer where we are all subjected to the same conditions," reflected William Richmond-Watson.

Hamptons Birdhouse Exhibition To Culminate During Auction At Autumn Open House

by Nicole Barylski
Art News - "We believe nature can be an inspiration for the artist, and this exhibition really showcases that connection perfectly," Kathy Kennedy noted.

Southampton Town's Community Preservation Fund Allocates $4 Million For Sag Harbor Cinema Art Center

by Nicole Barylski
Art News - "It not only is a fantastic boost to the construction but insurance that the Cinema Art Center will be preserved for generations to come, regardless of what zoning changes or other variable happen in the fabric of the historic district," said Treasurer Susan Mead.

Local Art Instructors Providing Insight During Autumn Critique

by Nicole Barylski
Art News - "We are very fortunate to count on the talent and expertise of professional artists who teach through the summer at the Barge and can now offer practical and philosophical insight to artists wishing to receive guidance with regard to their artwork," Esperanza Leon reflected.

Southampton Arts & Culture Committee's Inaugural Day Tour To Visit Two Iconic Hamptons Sites

by Nicole Barylski
Art News - "The Watermill Center is thrilled to be part of this inaugural tour of SHACC on the Road," Elka Rifkin shared.

The Victor D'Amico Institute Of Art's "Artists Speak" To Wrap Up With Peter Spacek

by Olivia Rutigliano
Art News - "Join me to talk about the art of the line, the simple power of the pen, and the process of turning a thought into an image that says something interesting!" Spacek encourages.

Architect And Art Collector Peter Marino To Open Public Art Foundation In Southampton At Former Rogers Memorial Library Site

by Eileen Casey
Art News - "We intend to restore 11 Jobs Lane to its original purpose," Marino told Hamptons.com.

Highly Anticipated Hamptons Summer Lecture Series To Feature Playwright, Harvard Professor, Poet, And More

by Olivia Rutigliano
Art News - "The joy of the Summer Lecture Series is bringing in a diverse range of voices from the arts and humanities to engage with the local community," Elka Rifkin, Director of The Watermill Center, said. "We love that the program, now in it's fifteenth year, gives thinkers and visionaries an opportunity to share ideas with the young and emerging artists in our International Summer Program, as well as the local East End community."

INTERVIEW: Richard Barons On The Thomas & Mary Nimmo Moran Studio's Renovation, The Artists' East End Impact, And More

by Nicole Barylski
Art News - "The biggest challenge probably was the deteriorated condition of the building," Barons told us.

4th Of July Week In Amagansett To Bring "Barge-In" Programming

by Olivia Rutigliano
Art News - "This summer season began with an invitation for all to take a look… take a class," said Christopher Kohan.

"Artists Speak" Series Returning To Amagansett

by Olivia Rutigliano
Art News - "We are pleased to continue the Artists Speak series of intimate talks with distinguished artists begun in the early 80s. Our inaugural talk this season is with Judith Hudson who will engage in a lively dialogue on art and social issues with fellow artist Lucy Winton," said Esperanza Leon, administrative coordinator at The Art Barge.

Former Long Island Poet Of The Year Founds Hamptons-Based Poetry Academy

by Eileen Casey
Art News - "We hope inspiration among the beauty of the Halsey property and the house itself will contribute to the workshop poems by participants who will be given the opportunity to have their works performed at monthly readings," Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan stated.

The Victor D'Amico Institute Of Art To Open With Tribute To Its Founders

by Nicole Barylski
Art News - "This year our invitation to the public is to 'take a look… take a class,'" shared Chris Kohan, President of The Victor D'Amico Institute of Art.

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