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A Change In Management At Brown Harris Stevens: A Conversation With Robert Nelson

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - "One of the things I learned from my mentor was, don't ever get your calculator out to calculate the commission," noted Robert Nelson. "It makes no difference if it's $1,000 or $50,000, and when you get those clients, hold on to them and don't let them go."

Compass - Taking Hamptons Real Estate In A New Direction: A Conversation With Ed Reale, Senior Managing Director

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - "Our approach is going to be different in a number of ways," shared Ed Reale.

Hamptons Real Estate Trends And The Importance Of Knowing Today's Market

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - "It has become common for agents to want to brand themselves in print ads and on the internet, to have their names associated with particular listings," noted John M. Gicking.

Hamptons Real Estate Managers: A Look At Their Challenges And Responsibilities

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - "We are in a very competitive market and agents like to know they have managers who aren't competing with them," noted Kimberley Terry.

Hamptons Real Estate Roles: A Look At The Manager

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - "We emphasize to our new agents that they are going to be running a business under the auspices of BHS, and that they have to have a business plan which includes self-promotion, like any other start-up business," said Aspasia G. Comnas.

A Change In The Hamptons Real Estate Outlook: The Shift Towards Managers

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - "My biggest challenge is to find the time to spend out in the field with my agents," said Ernest Cervi. "It's the most important function I have."

Hamptons Commercial Real Estate Market: Exploring The Differences Between Sag Harbor, East Hampton, And More

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - "Commercial is a very different animal," shared Elise Douglas. "It's completely numbers based."

A Look At The Ins And Outs Of Commercial Leasing

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - While commercial leasing may include large office buildings, retail stores, restaurants, theaters and other uses found in Manhattan, we will focus on the type of commercial business more common to the East End of Long Island and more proximate suburban areas.

Let's Revisit The Differences Between Residential Condominiums, Cooperatives, And Townhouses

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - One of the most important distinctions between the two, co-ops are governed by a board of directors, and a condo by a board of managers.

New York's Highest Court Strikes Down Local Sex Offender Residency Laws

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - According to the Division of Criminal Justice Services, there are approximately 1,000 sex offenders living in Suffolk County, more than twice as many as living in Nassau County.

United States Supreme Court Takes On Broad Reaching Fair Housing Issue

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - On January 21, 2015, the Supreme Court agreed to address the issue: does the law require that the discrimination be intentional, or does it allow plaintiffs to claim "disparate effect," a discriminatory effect regardless of intent?

How Will the New Suffolk County Human Rights Law Impact Housing in the Hamptons?

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - Suffolk County Human Rights Law is particularly aggressive in insuring that everyone has equal rights to satisfy the basic need for housing. How does that impact the East End where property values have risen over the years?

How Can I Avoid Paying Taxes?

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - Human nature being what it is, nobody likes to pay taxes. Certainly, no more than they have to. Real estate does offer some opportunities along those lines.

Rental Websites In The Hamptons Under Scrutiny of Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement Agencies

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - Much discussion has been made of late regarding the issue of the rental activities of the online antics of the Internet website, Airbnb. Hamptons.com investigated how this effects rentals in the Hamptons.

Hamptons Real Estate: Making The Case For Buyer Agent Commissions

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - As is true when a broker represents a seller, although a written agreement is always desirable, the agreement between a buyer and broker does not have to be in writing to be binding. Courts have awarded commissions to sellers and buyers brokers absent an agreement in writing.

HUD Addresses Risks in Reverse Mortgages

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - Our recent articles have addressed issues of "due diligence" when buying and selling real property, each intended to encourage the use of trained professionals. Our last article focused on borrowing to finance the purchase. This article specifically focuses on the most current development with respect to reverse mortgages.

Mortgage Woes: Can I Lose My Deposit And The Property?

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - When life changes or measurements are a few inches off that can change the balance of a mortgage. Unfortunately that rarely works out well for the buyer.

When Buying Property In The Hamptons, "Buyer Beware!"

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - New York is what is known as a "caveat emptor" State - "Buyer Beware!" In the Hamptons real estate market there are many often unknown or misunderstood issues with regard to the buyer's responsibility to exercise "due diligence" when purchasing real property.

Selling & Buying Hamptons Real Estate: Bring Your Computer But Don't Leave Your Personal Skills Behind!

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - We asked the Hamptons real estate pros about the changes in the real estate market and the new skills required of agents and managers, especially since the market recession, with the influence of the Internet. Their answers surprised us.

Hamptons Rentals: Does It Pay To Rep A Rental?

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - The real estate industry across the Hamptons and North Fork is big business when it comes to rentals, especially when the price tag can be upwards of $500,000 for the summer season. That translates to nice commissions for brokers.

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