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The 2019 New York State Rental Law And How It Affects Landlords And Tenants

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - While a significant portion of the new laws affect only municipalities that have adopted rent regulation laws - the five boroughs of New York City, Nassau, Westchester, and Rockland Counties - all municipalities, including Suffolk County, are affected by significant changes.

Three Changes In New York State Laws That May Affect Real Estate Consumers And Professionals In Our Own Backyard!

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - A change in the New York State "Mansion Tax" is among new laws that could impact the area.

How Do Courts Determine If the Broker Has Earned a Commission? The Answer Is in The Details

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - To illustrate the point, let's contrast the findings in two court actions, both involving celebrities. The first, Sotheby's v. Donald Deutsch, a television celebrity and Elliman v. Firefly, involving celebrity entertainer, Taylor Swift.

What Should A Real Estate Broker Disclose About A Property?

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - At the risk of appearing facetious, I would recommend that it is a good practice to get the taxes right no matter who you are representing.

A Farewell And Thank You!

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - Today's real estate professional must be knowledgeable about contract law, environmental issues, building codes, zoning, market conditions, financing, construction, land use - to name a few.

What Aspiring Real Estate Agents Should Consider Before Entering Into A Career In Real Estate

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - Your biggest investment will be your time. Spend it to its maximum benefit.

A Look At The Hamptons Real Estate Market And How It Impacts The Community's Needs

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - "The market is very slow, but I see this as a good opportunity for buyers to take advantage of the excess inventory resulting in price reductions," said Laura Miele Wynne.

What's New With Airbnb?

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - The Towns of East Hampton, Southampton, and Southold have alleged that short-term rentals have deprived them of taxes essential to serve the community, create unfair competition with regulated motels and hotels doing business in these areas, violates local zoning laws as well as the health and safety of those who occupy these illegal rentals.

Debt Forgiveness - Reverse Mortgages And Short-Sales

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - After the real estate crash in the first decade of the new century, many home owners found themselves in situations where they could no longer remain current in their mortgage payments, and the amount owed to the bank was more than the home was likely to sell for.

An Interview With Linda Kabot, Former Town Official, Current Real Estate Professional

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - "As a life-long resident of the town, born and raised, having served my community in both administrative and elected positions, I liked the idea that Town & Country was home grown," said Kabot.

What Must A Real Estate Broker Do To Have Earned A Commission?

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - There are many court decisions that illustrate the points made in this case, but the fact that it happened in the Hamptons real estate market gives it special significance.

Real Estate Sales On The North And South Forks Of Eastern Long Island - What's Behind The Statistics?

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - "The good news is that buyers continue to look and the end of summer/early fall is typically a strong selling season," said John Gicking.

What Is A Real Estate Broker's Responsibility With Respect To Hamptons Rentals?

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - The case in point has resulted in an apparent disagreement between the Appellate Division of the Suffolk County Supreme Court and the Department of State.

Shedding A Light On Some Common Myths When Selling And Buying A Real Property

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - These ten issues by no means constitute all of the myths and pitfalls with respect to selling and buying real property.

"Bidding Wars" In The Hamptons: What Should Sellers And Buyers Know?

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - "I always tell the buyer, don't think in terms of what others may be willing to offer for the property," said Robert Nelson.

Affordable Housing - An Interview With Town Of Southold Supervisor Scott Russell

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - "The idea of the Town to be in an ownership position and perform a property management role makes me very uncomfortable," said Russell.

The Town Of Southampton Housing Authority On Affordable Housing And Rentals, The Voucher Program And More

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - "There are approximately ten times more people in need of housing assistance than the Federal government provides funds to serve," said Curtis Highsmith, Jr.

East Hampton Housing Authority Executive Director Catherine Casey Speaks About Affordable Housing In The Hamptons

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - There is a general recognition among residents, businesses, and public officials of the need for affordable housing on the East End of Long Island.

Where Does New York Law Stand With Respect To Transgender Persons And Victims Of Domestic Violence?

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - Suffolk County Human Rights Law already addresses "source of income" as well as transparency in applications for the purchase of shares in a residential cooperative, not currently included in New York Fair Housing Laws.

HUD Speaks Out On Denying Housing To Persons With Criminal Records

by John A. Viteritti
Land and Law - New York State and the federal government have recently taken action with respect to discrimination in the sale and renting of housing.

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