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A Glass Half-Full: Wine Country Wine Cellars & Private Tasting Rooms

by Nicole Barylski
Home And Garden - When thinking about the 60 or so wineries dotted across the North Fork and in the Hamptons, it should be no surprise that the inclusion of wine cellars is a "must have" feature on the rise in a 'wine country' home.

Reality vs. Reality

by Chris Hall
Home And Garden - I was having a discussion with a good friend of mine about perception and reality. He made the often cited reference to two realities. He said that I have my reality and you have yours. I explained that I am of the opinion that there is one reality and that there can be perceptions of reality. When it comes to swimming pool construction, there truly is only one reality.

Clean, Clear, Chlorine-Free: Hamptons Pool Maintenance Goes High-Tech

by Anne Halpin
Home And Garden - If you want to get away from a chlorinated pool, there are alternatives. Swimming pools in the Hamptons can be clean and clear without chlorine. And you don't have to start from scratch—your existing pool can be converted to a non-chlorine system.

Building A Custom Gunite Swimming Pool In The Hamptons Requires the Proper Planning

by Chris Hall
Home And Garden - The proper planning done in the summer will assure that the swimming pool is completed in the fall, the landscape will be perfect, and when the pool is opened the following spring our Hamptons client will be ready for an amazing summer.

Hamptons Pool Service: There Is No Justification In Being Cruel To Be Kind

by Chris Hall
Home And Garden - Service, as defined by Webster, is "an act of kind assistance." In the Hamptons there can be arrogance among service companies, especially swimming pool service companies. I've seen it for over 30 years.

Showing Results 81 to 84 of 84
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