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Summer 2006 Launches With a Big Party and a Big Show

Originally Posted: May 24, 2006

Nicole B. Brewer

Hamptons.com Editor Nicole B. Brewer and Publisher Robert
Florio. Photo by Geir Magnusson

The "Crew" at Hamptons.com jump-started the summer party circuit with an elegant bash at Peter Marcelle's Hampton Road Gallery to celebrate the opening of its new editorial and sales office at 38 Main Street in the heart of Southampton. This new space features the striking artwork of noted Brazilian artist, Hamilton Aguiar.

Hamptons.com Publisher Robert Florio, Editor Nicole B. Brewer, and staff welcomed a wonderful mix of the area's business and cultural leaders, artists, writers, designers, realtors, and friends to the popular gallery known for handling such acclaimed artists as Dan Rizzie, Paton Miller, David Geiser, Bruce Lieberman, and the Wyeths - Andrew and Jamie.

The spacious and airy gallery was a wise choice as though the new offices are quite spacious they could scarcely accommodate the over 250 guests who turned out. Even still, the crowd, grateful for the sunshine and balmy weather, quickly spilled out to the sidewalk. Waiters from Robbins Wolfe Eventeurs swirled effortlessly around pouring, quite appropriately with the onset of summer, delicious Kettle One Apple Martinis and delightful Chardonnay and Cabernet from Barefoot Wine as well as their festive, Barefoot Bubbly which flowed copiously all night.

Blossom and Dr. Martin Gluck, Bruce Lieberman, and Christian
White at Hamptons.com. Photo by Geir Magnusson

Robbins Wolfe dazzled everyone with savory treats that included: Grilled Thai Spice Prawns with lemongrass sauce, Caviar Cheesecake on Almond Wonton Crisps, Steak Frites-seared beef on homemade potato chips with herbed aioli, delectable Roquefort Grapes with pistachios, Maple Pecan Chicken with honey mustard sauce, Artichoke Pizza with truffle oil, Curried Lamb Wontons with citrus yogurt sauce, Parmasean Cheese Straws, and Vegetable Shiitake mushroom spring rolls with a sweet soy chutney.

No surprise that the firm counts as clients the likes of Chanel, Giorgio Armani, The Bay Street Theater, Hampton Classic, and such hostesses as Nina Griscom.

Without breaking the rhythm of the high energy gathering, Florio climbed atop an ottoman to not only thank the team and the guests but also to share his vision about Hamptons.com and what is in store for the summer season. A special toast was made to long time Hamptons.com contributor, author Thomas Clavin who was nominated this week for a Press Club of Long Island Award.

Judith and Michael McDowell at Hamptons.com. Photo by Geir

Enjoying Robbins Wolfe's savory treats and sipping the luscious product of Barefoot Wine Cellars and Kettle One were: Ann LaWall of the Southampton Business Alliance, Alison Milano of Prudential Elliman, restaurateur Leif Hope, Barbara Warner of H.Groome, Esperanza Leon of Solar Gallery, Phillip Prianti of Dune Management, Penny and Jay Lieberman, George and Amy Kane, publicist Tony Vargas, meteorologist Jim Castillo, Ellen Cea of Beigelman LLC, Jeanine Edington and Meg Salem of Corcoran Group, Minerva Scelza and Joe Pallester, Barbara and Lee Oldak of Amagansett Beach and Bicycle, Sandra and Donald Lazar, Joe Pallitster "Designing Joe", Michael Wudyka or Enclave Inn, Stephen Keszler and Barbara Mueller from Properties of the Hamptons, Bill Brewer, Blossom and Marty Gluck of the Parrish Art Museum, singer Samantha Cole, Lisa Strong from SavATree, artists Davis Gaffga, Paula Cooper, Andrew Wargo, and Judy and Michael McDowell, and Hamptons.com's writers Heather Buchanan, J.Z. Holden, Christine Kiernan, Kelly Krieger, Mani Malee Cofield, and Maya "Green" Jones.

Enjoying the evening was our own contingent of creative whizzes including Melissa Palma, advertising account executive Vanessa Leggard, Kathleen DeMasco, Rob Schwenk, Edward Callaghan, and John Wegorzewski.

Following the revelry at Hampton Road Gallery, the gang moved across Main Street to the recently opened Lori Restaurant & Wine Bar where Chef Michael Meehan rules the kitchen. The hearty appetites went for his juicy filet mignon, butternut squash ravioli, and his succulent lamb chops. Under Lori Escallier's ownership, the restaurant now offers a new American fare menu that includes a raw bar to the delight of the diet conscious.

Silas Marder at the Silas Marder Gallery. Photo by Edward

Feeling the need for a little fresh air and something more pastoral, it was off to the "The Big Show" at Silas Marder Gallery, on the sprawling acreage of the famed Marder's nursery, now a riot of color especially greens in every hue. After wending through the stately trees slowly, very slowly, as gardeners are moving the towering pines, guests arrived at the base of a gentle slope.

Perched atop is an enormous barn overlooking the graded lawn, where enormous boulders are strewn like so many marbles, The Marder Family, long time residents of the Springs and surrounding communities, has a great appreciation for the natural beauty out here and the artists attracted by the landscape and light. Several of the family members including Silas' parents and brother Mica are artists.

As committed as his family is to bringing natural beauty to the residences and businesses of the East End. Silas Marder is equally so, providing an opportunity for collectors big and small to be exposed to the wide range of artistic talent on the East End.

Jennifer Frasher and Artist Tin Ojeda at the Silas Marder Gallery.
Photo by Edward Callaghan

The Big Show is a truly novel concept. Marder along with Isobel McMahon, asked over 50 artists to make three 8" x 10" works especially for this show which features "a collection of artwork that spans age, religion, gender, experience, education, style, and contrast."

Now in its second year, the gallery is in the words of McMahon "coming of age" in realizing Marder's desire to support young artists who are not getting the chance to be seen. Certainly not in the company of such recognized figures as Sally Egbert, Connie Fox, and Robert Miller, who are all represented in the show. Hung on white panels striping the whole of the barn including the hayloft, the show is an interesting cross section of talents featuring such up and comers as Mica Invisible Marder and Tin Ojeda. Catching our eye immediately was Ojeda's "Presidente" collage over an image of Arnold Schwarzenegger a not so subtle jab at the Governor's presidential aspirations, the rare political statement in the show.

Sitting on hay bales (really quite comfortable) or wandering amidst the Stonehenge-like grounds were 148 Lafayette Design Chief Edward Wilkerson, artists Judy and Michael McDowell, Perry Burns, WVVH producer and artist David Nadal, Nathan Slate Joseph, Jennifer Frasher with beau artist Tin Ojeda, designer Allison Sneed, and scores more.

The Big Show runs through June 18. Gallery and Grounds are open Wednesday through Friday form 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m., Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., and Sunday 10:00a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Nicole, an award-winning journalist, is Executive Editor & Publisher of Hamptons.com where she focuses on celebrity interviews, fine living and design, social events, fashion and beauty. She lives on the North Fork with her husband, their two daughters, and Bernese Mountain dog, Cooper. www.hamptons.com HamptonsOnline NicoleBBrewer NicoleBBrewer NicoleBBrewer

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