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A Sea of Pink and Birthday Wishes

Originally Posted: April 20, 2006

Carolyn Cianciotto at the G-Spa.

It was a sea of pink as Carolyn Cianciotto launched her New York inspired nail polish collection - Carolyn New York - at the Gansevoort Spa on a lovely spring evening in early April. Katherine Rothman and the girls of KMR Communications help set the stage for a stylish evening with collection-inspired specialty Effen Vodka martinis - we loved the "Bronx Bombshell".

The colors are as rich and diverse as the city from which they derive their names - Brooklyn (a subtle burgundy), Spring Street (a light pink), Castle Hill Ave (a fun gold), and Tribeca Spirit (a dark deep chocolate). If French is more your style the sheer light shades of Fashion Week French, Shopping on 5th French Sheer White, and Window Shopping French Peach are perfection. And there's plenty of red attitude with Times Square, Lincoln Center, and West 4th. The cuticle oils are luxurious and come is a choice of Lavender, Citrus, and Almond.

The goodie bags overflowed with spa essentials from Purdy Girl, Cake, Shady Day (fantastic new sun protection wipes - perfect for the car and purse), gift certificates for the G-Spa, and of course a few shades of Carolyn New York nail color and cuticle oil.

The night wasn't all about great nail polish - although I have to admit it is really fabulous and lasts forever and the cuticle oil is a quick manicure in a bottle! Hot pink bottles of "Bronx" were lined up at the door for sale with proceeds going to the Young Survival Coalition, an action organization helping young women with breast cancer. Based in New York, this wonderful organization helps to "bridge the gap" in education and awareness. (Located at 52A Carmine Street, No. 528, New York, NY 10014, 212-206-6610, and on the web www.youngsurvival.org.

Barbara deKwiatkowski and Brett Sherlock at the Lars Bolander
Gallery. Photo by Scott Rudd/PMc courtesy of R. Couri Hay CPR.

The crowd was a mix with the dashing and gregarious Kwame Jackson playing the part of co-host at the bar. He announced his own launch - weekly parties on Sunday nights that he'll co-sponsor with Tommy Hilfiger. Put our invitations in the mail please!

Belgian painter Caroline Chariot-Dayez flew in from Brussels for the first New York show of her paintings, entitled "The Fold," in the stunning Lars Bolander N.Y. gallery, at 72 Gansevoort Street, also on April 6, 2006. Among those chatting with the artist in French and English were art expert Michel Witmer, style writer Michèle Gerber Klein and photographer Jeffrey Hirsch (These three are just back from the prestigious TEFAF art extravaganza in Maastricht, Netherlands.); as well as collector Beth Rudin DeWoody, artist Edwina Sandys, The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation's Michael Ward Stout, Tina Louise, Christopher Mason, Elizabeth Fondaras, fashion designer Anand Jon, Emma Snowdon-Jones, event planner Vince Steffan, Heather Cohane, Mark Langrish, Ann Dexter Jones, Jason Grant, Barbara deKwiatkowski, Bob Felner, Darcie Leeds, Brett Sherlock, Elaine Sargent, interior designers Peter Lentz and Phillip Thomas, WNYX-TV's Dorothy Dunne, and graphic designer Marvin Berk.

Don Paul, Tina Louise, and Michel Witmer at the Lars Bolander
Gallery. Photo by Scott Rudd/PMc courtesy of R. Couri Hay CPR.

Chatting with Madame Chariot-Dayez, who was with her children Odile and Jean-Baptiste, is fascinating. She was born in Brussels in 1958. Painting was part of her life from a very early age. In order to better understand her art, she began studying philosophy, especially the French phenomenologist Maurice Merleau-Ponty, who would leave a deep imprint on her pictorial oeuvre. Her life has been an ongoing interaction between philosophy, which she now teaches, and painting. "They are like two sides of the same approach, the obverse and reverse, she says." This collection is called "The Fold" as Caroline explains:

"When a philosopher paints, he paints painting itself. His painting turns to reflection on itself and the painting is always self-representational. Here, reflection acquires a metaphysical vein. When a painter sees visible things, he does not see them withdrawn, as from a balcony. He sees them from the inside, because his body is part of them. He is something visible that sees what is visible. Within him, it is as if the visible were returned back on itself. A hole is dug; a fold without whose shadow there would be no visual perception. It is as if the unveiling of things were folding, cloth, ... canvas."

"When the painter paints, it is the world that folds up and becomes canvas. Painting is canvas in essence. A canvas is not the material that the painter covers with paint. It is the metaphysical substratum of the painter's gesture. It emanates visible things when someone visible hollows them and looks at the crust, their skin, on which colors turn up as secretions. The visible paints itself. And the painter is nothing but the canvas that clothes him."

Beth Rudin DeWoody and Edwina Sandys at the Lars Bolander
Gallery. Photo by Scott Rudd/PMc courtesy of R. Couri Hay CPR.

The event also gave new and old friends, including Simon Oberiro, Catherine Birk, Don Paul, Tina Oberiro, Carol Fraser, Cathy Lee Jones, David Driscoll, Adriana Lomysh, Ewelina Bisczak, Hil Omernik, Jim Dimarino, Jonathan Melton, Julya Madorisaaya, Leslie Caldwell, Christopher Ilsey and Michael Stout an opportunity to wish the popular Lars Bolander a happy birthday and say hello to his lovely wife Nadine Kalachnikoff and their sons Howard and Christopher Kalachnikoff, who put the whole event together. Congratulations to all!

"The Fold" can be seen at Lars Bolander N.Y.( 72 Gansevoort Street, between Ninth Avenue and Washington Street - Tel: 212-924-1000) until April 28th. Please visit Caroline Chariot-Dayez on her web site: www.chariot-dayez.com/index_en.htm.

After the gallery we headed over to Pre:Post for a delicious dinner with Barclay Butera, Jamie Drake, and Tina Louise. The meal was beyond words and the cocktails were nicely chilled. We chatted a bit with Tina Louise and discovered that she had signed a book deal with a 2007 release. The book, entitled "When I Grow Up" is sure to delight young readers. The book is an off-shoot for her as she is a Learning Leader volunteering in the NY Public Schools helping second grade students how to read. She is extremely passionate about learning and working with children and we wish her all the best with her newest venture. We hear that she'll be out and about in the Hamptons all summer and we look forward to seeing her there. And, both Jamie Drake and Barclay Butera will be designing rooms in the various Designer Showhouses in the Hamptons this summer.

In the Hamptons over Easter Weekend, we spied the gorgeous Nicole Kidman and her hunky beau country-crooner Keith Urban strolling Southampton's Main Streets. They were gracious and greeted fans who noticed how at ease they seemed in our little corner of the world. Maybe she'll find a perfect little spot and settle here? We could only hope. The lovely Ms. Kidman is here on location in Hampton Bays shooting an as yet untitled Noah Baumbach film for John Lesher's Paramount Classics with funny man Jack Black and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Maybe there were out for the art as many galleries hosted openings that weekend. More on that, the Juilliard Centennial, and Russian National Orchestra Gala next week.

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