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An Honor For Grey Gardens, A Speakeasy, and a Flock of Birds

Originally Posted: April 06, 2006

Frances Hayward with Dakota Fanning, dog Amigo and Amigo's
trainer. Photo courtesy of R. Couri Hay/Creative Public Relations

Alicia Silverstone honored fellow animal advocate Frances Hayward of Grey Gardens in Long Island and her rescued Shepard mix, Amigo, during Hollywood Life's Fifth Annual Breakthrough of the Year Awards, which will premiere on SHOWTIME, April 13th at 7:00pm (EST).

The awards show, hosted by comedian Eddie Griffin, honors breakout stars including, Entourage's Jeremy Piven, Crash and Hustle & Flow lead actor Terrence Howard and Lost starlet Maggie Grace, among others.

"Frances Hayward formed this amazing organization and has been working tirelessly to save animals," said Silverstone during the ceremonies. Felicity Huffman, Harrison Ford, David Duchovny and Dakota Fanning were also on hand when Hayward and Amigo received their Breakthrough Award for her BeKind Foundation efforts.

The BeKind Foundation, in partnership with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), promotes animal welfare and increased national awareness toward homeless and displaced animals. Frances Hayward who lives between New York, Palm Beach and the Bahamas has devoted her life to helping animals in need. In 2005, Hayward created The BeKind Foundation. For more information on the BeKind Foundation check out their website at www.bekind.org.

John Jakobson, Kristen McGinnis, Joan Jakobson, and Caitlin
Tashjian at the N-YHS "An Evening at the Society: Recalling the
Speakeasy Era" event. Photo by Michael Nagel courtesy of Rub-
enstein Communications

The New-York Historical Society President Louise Mirrer and the Young Friends Committee presented "An Evening at the Society: Recalling the Speakeasy Era", a benefit to support educational programming, at the New-York Historical Society, located at 170 Central Park West (at 77th Street) on Thursday, March 9, 2006 from 7 to 10 pm. The evening will featured live music, and guest in lovely 1920's period attire.

Glittering committee members included Elizabeth Beaman, Ellie Berlin, William C. Dick, Anson Frelinghyusen, Dan Garondick, Vincent Grimaldi, Peter Lehrman, Alix Knowlton Peck, Ashe Reardon, Carolina Richardson, Ted Roosevelt V, Samantha Topping, Caitlin Tashjian and Evan W. Uhlick among many others.

A week later, New-York Historical Society President Louise Mirrer joined the N-YHS Board of Trustees in honoring Dan Lufkin, Edmund Duffy, Jack Nash and Norman L. Peck at the opening reception of "Audubon's Aviary" on Thursday, March 16th at 6pm at The New-York Historical Society, located at 170 Central Park West (at 77th Street). Cocktails were from 6 to 8 p.m. and included a preview of the show.

Kristel Ariel, David Oppenheimer, and Ariel Oppenheimer at the
Audubon Aviary opening. Photo by Don Pollard courtesy of Rub-
enstein Communications

Guests included Myra Biblowit, Mary Cronson, Rich Gelfond, Richard and Leslie Gershon, Morrison Heckscher, Lucy Lamphere, Dan and Cynthia Lufkin, Robert Menschel, Jack and Helen Nash, Nancy Newcomb and John Hargraves, Senator David Patterson and Evelyn McCall, Sam Pryor and Mary Hope Hutson, Daniel and Joanna Rose, Ernest Tollerson and Katrinka Leefman, Rosalind Walter, Miner Warner and Shelby White among many others.

Audubon's Aviary, a multi-media exhibition featuring a four-dimensional soundscape of birdcalls and video, will showcase the delicate watercolors by John James Audubon (1785-1851) preparatory for his sumptuous, double-elephant folio print edition of The Birds of America (1827-38) including the Great Egret of 1821, Wood Duck, Ivory Billed Woodpecker, Ruby Throated Hummingbird, Bald Eagle and Sandhill Crane. The show is open from March 17th through May 7th.

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