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New York Women's Foundation Radical Generosity Dinner Honors DeAnna Hoskins And Bryan Stevenson

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "It's really tough in this city to advocate for closing down Rikers because it's been around a long time, it's got a constituency of guards and bureaucracy and it's an easy place to put young people who have no place to go," Bill Moyers told Hamptons.com.

Jean Shafiroff Hosts Surgeons Of Hope Gala Kick-Off Cocktail Party

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "Every year a million children are born with congenital heart defects," Surgeons of Hope Executive Director Victoria Flamant told us.

Mission Society Hosts Founding Families Gala

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "We're here tonight to change the lives of the children we serve," said Gala Co-Chair Jean Shafiroff.

The French Heritage Society Honors Caroline Weber

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "Whatever offense her three society divas may have taken at being used as creative fodder for Proust's satirical fiction, they would surely be highly flattered by the extraordinary lengths to which Caroline went to document the truth of their real and often difficult lives," Jennifer Herlein noted.

Martin And Jean Shafiroff Host Cocktails For The NY Mission Society Gala

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "This is the kick-off for our gala," Mission Society of New York President Elsie McCabe Thompson told us. "This year we're calling it the Founding Families Gala, a theme that underscores not only the history of Mission Society but the history that roughly parallels the history of New York. It was just two decades after NYC was the capitol of the nation that Mission Society was founded."

Jean And Martin Shafiroff Host St. Patrick's Day Cocktail Party Honoring Stony Brook Southampton Hospital And Featuring Patrick McMullan

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "There are two things you need - a good hospital and a good ambulance," she told her guests. "I am incredibly grateful for the hospital as without it, I wouldn't be here."

LongHouse Reserve Honors James Carpenter And Toshiko Mori

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "I met Chihuly when I went to a big wedding in Connecticut," Jack Lenor Larsen told us. "We all slept in a friend's house and there were beds everywhere. My wife and I ended up sleeping in the same room with Dale Chiluly." This "one night stand" turned into a relationship.

Deborah Norville Hosts The NYSPCC's Sixth Annual Food & Wine Gala

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "We are the first line of defense for vulnerable children and their families in New York City," said Dr. Pulido.

Culture For One Hosts Fall Luncheon

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "When you take a child out of a home, they perceive it, intuitively, as some form of rejection, even as we perceive it as protecting and healing them outside of an abusive environment," Dr. Penny Grant told us.

Dame Jillian Sackler Hosts Private Dinner In Celebration Of New Museum Of Art And Photography In Bangalore

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "Modern art is very difficult to understand. At first glance it may seem not very interesting, but there's usually incredible meaning behind it," Dame Sackler told Hamptons.com.

The New York Landmarks Conservancy Hosts 25th Living Landmarks Celebration At The Plaza

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis embraced the cause to save Grand Central Station. "How can I help?" she asked a delighted Peter Stangl after their private tour.

Hugh Jackman, Tony Kushner, And Jamie Niven Honored During God's Love We Deliver Golden Heart Awards

by Sydney A. Braat
Within The City - "A lot of people think you need money to help others but you really don't," Hugh Jackman told us.

Alyssa Milano, Haley & Michaels, And More Honored During The New York Women's Foundation Annual Radical Generosity Gala

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "Their words and actions have moved us closer to a more equitable world for women, girls and their communities in need," Ana Oliveira said about the honorees.

Casita Maria Center For Arts And Education Honors Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos, Mary Snow And Carlos Souza During Fiesta Gala

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "The statistics (from the National Endowment for the Arts) prove that children who get arts education are six times more likely to graduate high school and go to college," Jonathan Marder revealed.

Susan Sarandon, Danny Abeckaser Honored By together1heart For Fighting Human Trafficking

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "Love is a powerful force and we are all privileged to be part of the love Somaly Mam brings to a difficult story," Sarandon said.

Wildlife Conservation Society Celebrates 6th Annual "Sip For The Sea" At Central Park Zoo

by Sydney A. Braat
Within The City - "With many fish species facing serious threats from overfishing, sustainable seafood options help ensure the longevity of diverse and healthy ocean ecosystems around the world," said Jon Forrest Dohlin, Director of the New York Aquarium and WCS VP.

Jean Shafiroff Hosts Cocktail Reception In Support Of The New York Women's Foundation

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "The work that we do is to help affirm that everything that I and 21 million others represent is important and valuable (by helping to) break down this mystery that surrounds politics," Sayu Bhojwani told the room.

The Center Celebrates Pride Week With Garden Party At Hudson River Park's Pier 84

by Sydney A. Braat
Within The City - "For 35 years, Garden Party has been The Center's vibrant kick-off to Pride week, honoring our amazing Center volunteers and supporters," remarked Executive Director Glennda Testone.

The Wildlife Conservation Society Celebrates Women During Annual Gala At Central Park Zoo

by Sydney A. Braat
Within The City - "This year, we honored the leadership of women working in our zoos (Bronx Zoo, Central Park Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo, Queens Zoo), our New York Aquarium in Coney Island, and in our field conservation programs in more than 60 nations and across the world's ocean," remarked Paula Hayes, Executive Vice President of the Wildlife Conservation Society's Global Resources.

Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation Hosts "Collaborating For A Cure Luncheon" - Featuring Jason Wu

by Lee Fryd
Within The City - "This collection for spring is very indicative of what he wanted to get back to in American sportswear," Tracy Piazza, Senior Vice President at Jason Wu, said.

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