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Originally Posted: August 28, 2007

Arbonne's sea salt scrub - fabulous!

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There's a fabulous new beauty secret on the block - Arbonne. If you haven't heard of this company yet you will, it is about to become a household name! This product line has been around for over 25 years and is just starting to get major exposure. Why? The products are phenomenal and you are sure to love them!

We recently checked out Arbonne's amazing sea salt scrub. Believe us we've tried them all, especially during the hectic summer months when we spend so much time in the sand and in open shoes. We have NEVER had results like we had from this product. It is open-toe shoes and plenty of sexy sandals for us! Your tootsies will not only look fabulous they will feel softer than ever.

Busy entrepreneur Kathleen King, of Tate's Bakery in Southampton, is a huge fan and says about Arbonne's sea salt scrub, "[It's a] great product for dry skin, reasonably priced with a nice clean smell. The best I've tried." With a rave review like this isn't it time that you treated yourself to this delightful at-home-spa experience?

Arbonne's RE9 anti-aging kit.

Anti-aging is all the rage these days. No one wants to look older than they have to and we'd be remiss we didn't mention Arbonne's RE9 anti-aging kit. The fast-acting formula will brighten your complexion and soften those little pesky lines in only a few short days. Give the regimen a full month and you'll never want to stop – you'll be amazed at how many years you will have erased with this simple routine

Arbonne products are botanically-based, pH correct, hypoallergenic, and dermatologist tested. Sensitive to the environment, Arbonne products are formulated without animal products or by-products, mineral oil, and are free of dyes or chemical fragrances.

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