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The Real Deal: Active Rest

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - If your idea of active rest is sleep walking you’re probably missing a lot of chances to make your workouts more efficient. How you choose to rest between sets can seriously impact your workout, and not all rest is created equal. To really boost your productivity and results, incorporating ‘active rest’ should be seen as one of many workout components to manipulate.

Preseason Workout

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - Preseason conditioning and preparation is far more involved than a few scrimmage games to work out the kinks. What the pros and the Division I schools have known for years is that a preseason work ethic directly effects the competitive season’s performance.

The Freshman Fifteen

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - Although our population in general is becoming heavier, the phrase “freshman fifteen” highlights a unique issue for young adults. Heading off to college offers a unique set of challenges, creating a perfect storm for temptation, opportunity, and vulnerability. There is hope though.

Hamptons Summer Sports

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - No matter what sports or recreation you favor, the Hamptons have enough fun and games for anyone. Run, jump, play, surf, swim, paddle, whatever you’re into, summer in the Hamptons is a great time to explore and experience all of it. Of course this sporting lifestyle has to nestle itself in among all the other festive happenings - the summer calendar does fill up pretty quickly.

The Real Deal: Competition

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - Athletes are a unique bunch, quite unlike most people you will meet in today’s society. I encourage lots of people to consider themselves everyday athletes; to treat their bodies with respect and to invest time and effort in their own health and vitality, but the final bridge to cross is the challenge of competition.

Time To Walk The Kid

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - Parenting technique and theory has been dissected and studied, judged, and assessed from every conceivable angle. However, I have yet to see a single study, theory, or book that views parenting from the perspective of the fitness professional. My professional advice, a fitness professional that is - GO For A Walk!

Registration For Winter Tennis Classes Underway At Ross

Sports And Fitness - The Ross School is offering 10-week classes in tennis for students in grades Kindergarten through 12, starting January 4.

Hampton Gym Corp. Promotes Local Fitness And Giving With The 'Hamptons Biggest Winners' Contest

Sports And Fitness - HGC's “Hamptons' Biggest Winners” contest pits two well-known Hamptons' DJs against each other in their effort to reach their individual fitness goals and raise funds for local charities.

Getting To The Core Of It

by Rebecca Kordecki
Sports And Fitness - Whether you read a health and fitness magazine or watch any healthy lifestyle related show it is almost impossible to do so without hearing something about the importance of core strength.

SPORTIME Multi-Sport Arena Reopens In Amagansett

Sports And Fitness - SPORTIME is proud to announce the grand re-opening of the sports arena located in Amagansett.

Snowshoe Right Through

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - Staying active and fit in the winter months can definitely be a challenge, especially if treadmills and spin classes aren't your thing.

Showing Results 121 to 131 of 131
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