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The Real Deal: Cholesterol

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - This article addresses several different questions I often hear concerning cholesterol, including: What should I do if my doctor wants me on Lipitor? How can diet lower my cholesterol? What is cholesterol? What's the deal with "good" and "bad" cholesterol? And, why is cholesterol important?

The Real Deal: Six Weeks to Summer

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - I was asked this week if it’s too late to get in shape for the summer. My short and sweet answer is “NO,” it’s not too late. It’s very important to have short and long term goals for exercise, and vanity can be a very good motivator.

The Real Deal: Martial Arts Fitness

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - I was tickled when someone asked me recently, “Can I get in shape doing martial arts?” The short and sweet answer: “maybe.” Like all exercise you get out what you put in. A martial arts training regime based on combat, self defense, ‘traditional’ martial exercises, and reactions has the potential to condition your body and mind.

The Real Deal: Hampton Home Gyms

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - Working out at home can be a wonderful way to achieve your fitness goals. Deciding that you want to workout at home is easy. The difficulty lies in choosing the best equipment and surroundings to meet your needs.

The Real Deal: Stretching the Truth

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - Clients say to me all the time, “Yeah I know, I should stretch more.” This is probably true, but not all stretching is created equal.

Get Fit - Your Place or Mine?

Sports And Fitness - There is a new answer to the old Hamptons workout scene. Outdoor training sessions, runs through the Village, and even a beach class - sign me up!

Real World Workout

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - There is no reason to be stuck on the treadmill when you can enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. Only your imagination and the pesky little laws of physics limit the number of ways to workout.

The Core Issue

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - One thing is for sure the ‘Core’ craze is not a fad. There is real science behind all the hype, the trick is to find a method of conditioning that works for you.

Strength Training, the Fountain of Youth

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - Everyone is looking for the magic answer and quick fix, but most people ignore the good science that exists. Resistance training may in fact be the fountain of youth so many people are looking for.

Fitness Fiction

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - Misconceptions about exercise can sabotage your efforts to get in shape. They can place false hope in your heart or discourage you from trying new things. Here’s the truth behind ten common fitness myths.

Take Control of Your Body: Beat Diabetes with Exercise

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - Diabetes is a disease becoming more and more mainstream in today’s society. This may have to do with several factors, not the least of which is the growing epidemic of obesity in both children and adults. You can help beat it with exercise.

A Fitness Foundation Built on Three Principles

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - There are a few very basic principles that apply to strength training, muscular development and general conditioning. The principles of Overload, Variability, and Specificity, are vital to understanding how the body responds to exercise.

The Real Deal: Your Delays Are Numbered!

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - When someone hires a trainer, wasting time staring around the gym is no longer a viable option (hopefully). Because of the time management a trainer imposes on a workout, more covert and subtle delay tactics are employed.

Real Deal: Shouldering Responsibility

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - If there is one body part that never gets the credit its due, the shoulders are it. Aesthetically the shoulders shape the upper body, and give people their first impression of you.

Real Deal: Arm Yourself

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - Of all the muscles in the body, two of the most well known, are the biceps and triceps. The biceps are without a doubt the rock stars of the muscular system; they get lots of praise and notoriety for doing very little. However, an understanding of the muscles involved, how they’re designed, and how they coordinate, can bring better results and help to avoid plateaus in your training.

The Real Deal: Training Partners

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - Certain activities are undoubtedly better with a friend. Is working out one of them? Maybe, it depends on the friend and on you. Cultivating a workout partnership relies on a lot of factors, and finding just the right situation can be difficult.

The Real Deal: Small Steps to Success

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - Is it too early to think about New Year’s resolutions? I don’t want to rush the season, but there are Christmas decorations in K-Mart already. Too often we equate goal setting with the New Year’s resolution type of tongue in cheek promise to ourselves that we have no intention of keeping.

The Real Deal: Great Athletes

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - What makes an athlete an athlete? Michael Jordan, Lance Armstrong, Jim Brown, Tiger Woods, these are great athletes. No doubt they are each physically gifted in their own ways, but physical talent doesn’t necessarily make someone a great athlete.

The Real Deal: Winter Conditioning

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - Every year thousands of flat-landers pack up and head to the mountains for a little skiing and snowboarding. Often, these little adventures end poorly with muscle strains, sprains, broken bones, concussions and bruised egos. There are ways, however, to train your body to be more prepared for the challenges of these winter adventures.

The Real Deal: Bad to the Bone

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - Osteoporosis is a serious problem facing nearly 34 million Americans to varying degrees. The disease is essentially a decrease in bone density most commonly associated with post-menopausal women, individuals with low calcium and vitamin D levels, and particularly with older and more sedentary populations.

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