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SPORTIME Amagansett And East Hampton Sports Camp Enter Partnership

Sports And Fitness - After 44 combined years running local day camps and children's athletic programs in the Town of East Hampton, SPORTIME Amagansett and East Hampton Sports Camp have entered into a long-term partnership that will combine their camps.

At the Desk Relaxation - From The Chair

by Nicole B. Brewer
Sports And Fitness - Want to ease your back pain and improve and energize your mood at the same time? Try these "from the chair" exercises.

Flywheel Sports Slated To Open At Sag Harbor Gym

Sports And Fitness - Flywheel Sports, New York's new indoor cycling brand, is slated to open a third location in Sag Harbor.

The Real Deal on Fitness - Cardio, Carbs, and Trainers

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - In this series of articles, the attempt is to answer questions that I hear from people regarding their bodies and how it can be affected by exercise and diet and the lifestyle choices that we all make. My intention is to have this series be an interactive give and take so please email me with your fitness questions.

The Real Deal in Fitness - Great Buns and Sports Drinks

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - This article is the second installment of our new question and answer series. As I’ve said before please email me with any questions you may have. On the question board this week - great glutes, workout times, and sports drinks for kids. Keep up the great questions!

The Real Deal: Time to Workout

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - Every personal trainer I know is convinced that they’ve heard every excuse in the book. Some of us actually look forward to a little creativity with excuses. One of the most popular (and mundane) excuses is “TIME.” Trust me, that is no excuse.

Feeding the Active Female: Part I

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - Active women have nutritional needs that are unique from men and even from less active women. This article is the first in a three part series of articles addressing various nutritional considerations that women must face if they want to be healthy and strong while handling the pressures and stresses of a busy or athletic lifestyle.

Feeding the Active Female: Part II

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - Part II, will focus upon two common dietary complaints and concerns of active women. First, how do to get adequate fruits and vegetables in your diet when you’re very busy. Second, we’ll look at the best carbohydrates to eat when you’re active.

Real Deal: Walk Away From Breast Cancer

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - When many people think of cancer, it is an ominous, mysterious force that we want nothing to do with. There has been much study in recent years about a connection between exercise and a decreased risk of developing cancer.

The Real Deal: Baby on Board

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - Exercising during pregnancy can be a very rewarding endeavor. Not only do expectant mothers get the emotional satisfaction of doing something positive for themselves and thus for their baby, but there is a growing body of evidence connecting exercise before and during pregnancy with many health benefits.

The Ten Commandments of Fat Burning

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - Even if you’ve been hitting the gym hard and adding some quality muscle, you may not have that defined physique you’re dreaming of. This is not a prescription to make you “skinny.” Skinny is no better than fat. What you want is to be fit.

The Real Deal: The Brain Muscle

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - Two major disorders afflict many of today’s gym goers: over-active Ego and under-active Brain Muscle. It is a dangerous combination. For all of its many benefits, health club exercise is an entirely unnatural process and there are many inherent risks. Problems arise when we apply cavalier attitudes, complacency, and carelessness to these surroundings.

SoulCycle Goes Virtual

Sports And Fitness - Join SoulCycle - New York City's premiere indoor cycling workout - in Bridgehampton on Saturday, July 3 from 12:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. to help celebrate SoulCycle's new Virtual Community.

The Real Deal: Smith vs Barbell

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - Variety is one of the cornerstones of an effective and interesting exercise program, but variety sometimes provides room for uncertainty.

Stand-Up Paddling In The Autumn - Just Don't Fall In!

by Gina Bradley
Sports And Fitness - Every year, just about this time, we all slowly get ready to hunker down for a long winter on the East End. We start to feel the cold as it makes it's way to our bones and the winds blow off the waters that surround us.

The Real Deal: Dumbbell vs. Barbell

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - If you’ve read a few of my articles you probably know what I’m going to say, something like: “Barbells and Dumbbells each have there place in a workout with specific benefits of each. The important thing is variation and good form.” This is true of course but for argument sake let’s compare.

Top Secret Village Workout

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - You can read this article but don’t tell anyone else about it. It will just be between the two of us. I’m going to let you in on one of my most closely guarded, highly sought after, “I could tell you but I’d have to kill you”, secret workouts.

Feeding the Active Female: Part III

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - Our conclusion to a three-part series. Women can learn learn how to time their food and fuel intake to improve their energy level, concentration, mood, and performance for all of the many trials and tribulations of a jam-packed life.

Fit Kids

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - Exercise for kids can start as simply as riding a bike around or playing any number of sports in the back yard. I believe that obesity in many children has resulted from the same phenomenon causing obesity in so many adults - eating more and moving less.

The Real Deal: Free Weights or Machines?

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - Almost every gym these days has a circuit of strength machines and an area of free weights. A very common question from those who are new to training as well as many experienced gym rats is, “which is better” or “which should I use, free-weights or machines.”

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