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Aerobics Is Not The Key To Weight Loss

by Barbara Brenseke
Sports And Fitness - When you are trying to change your physique there are things that you must do to make the most out of your efforts. Different changes will require different actions. The cause and effect relationship between what you do and how it effects the outcome is most evident when you are pushing your body to look, feel, or perform differently.

Six Myths That Can Stand In The Way Of Reaching Your Fitness Goals In 2013

by Barbara Brenseke
Sports And Fitness - There are many myths that can stand in the way of getting the physical activity you need to stay trim, fit and healthy. Here six myths and truths about exercise to help keep you on track.

Inform Fitness Brings The Gym To Your Home

by Nicole Barylski
Sports And Fitness - For those of you who love to work out but can never find the time to fit it in, Inform Fitness has your solution. If you are in the Hamptons you no longer have an excuse for not working out. The Inform Mobile Gym, a specially retrofitted 27 foot bus with customized equipment and generator powered air conditioning comes to your home and trainers take you through a six machine workout where you get a week worth of workouts in 20 minutes.

Lululemon Athletica East Hampton Offering Free Daily Workouts

by Nicole Barylski
Sports And Fitness - This summer Lululemon Athletica's East Hampton store is offering free daily workouts. The athletic apparel company has classes Monday through Sunday ranging from surfer yoga to Physique 57 to Morning Meditation to Bodyweight Bootcamp.

Get A Long, Lean And Sculpted Body At Chaise23's New East Hampton Location

by Nicole Barylski
Sports And Fitness - The innovative Chaise23, a fusion of ballet and pilates using a fitness chair with resistance bungees overhead, has opened an East Hampton location.

Get Beach Ready At Barry's Bootcamp Hamptons Location

by Nicole Barylski
Sports And Fitness - This past weekend I tried Barry's Bootcamp for the first time, which opened its Hamptons location Memorial Day weekend. Often nicknamed a workout party in a box, Barry's Bootcamp is a must try.

Getting Ready For Your Kids' Hamptons Summer: Try SUP

by Gina Bradley
Sports And Fitness - Stand up paddle boarding's popularity in the Hamptons is growing fast and it's not just adults who are giving it a try. A lot of kids and teens are also getting hooked on the sport.

Countdown To Hamptons Swimsuit Season: 10 Tips To Get A Bikini Body

by Colette Heimowitz
Sports And Fitness - While New Yorkers gear up for Hamptons beach time, it's crunch time to achieving your ultimate swimsuit body!

Stand-Up Paddling This Spring!

Sports And Fitness - SUP season is upon us and it is getting time to start exploring the unlimited number of bays, ponds and waterways of the East End. The Hamptons also offers miles and miles of ocean beaches perfect for SUP/Surfing and downwind paddles.

Yoga: Avoid Beginner's Mistakes While Attaining A Well Of Happiness

Sports And Fitness - Yoga has become a popular option for alternative health management. Research has shown the practice can significantly reduce mental and physical stress, improve mood, and slow the aging process.

Spring Is Here: Start Your Exercise And Training Slowly

by Barbara Brenseke
Sports And Fitness - After a long winter of reduced activity or inactivity you might be tempted to get outside and train as soon as the weather improves. You may also be tempted to exercise at the same level you did at the end of the last season.

How To Train Like A Super Bowl Star!

by Barbara Brenseke
Sports And Fitness - Whether you are an athlete or want to look like one you need to train like a superstar! Athletes don't just work out - they train for strength, speed, explosive power, coordination, quickness, and core strength.

Evolution Fitness Partners With Nicole Aldrich Skin Therapy

Sports And Fitness - Evolution Fitness partnered with Nicole Aldrich Skin Therapy on December 1, 2011, to open Spa Evolution with Nicole Aldrich, a unique and evolutionary spa experience that offers each client personalized, upscale spa services.

Yoga Lifestyle: Getting Started And Discovering Yourself

by Paul Edwards
Sports And Fitness - If you're planning to embark on a yoga program, the wide variety of options can seem overwhelming. Never fear, though neither the practice of yoga nor the equipment associated with it are as complicated as they might seem at first glance.

Healthy Summer Tips

by Nicola Mar
Sports And Fitness - Finally summer is here! After such a bad, long winter in New York, I never expected summer to actually show up. Now that it's come around, take a look at these tips to keep yourself looking and feeling good.

Bench Workout

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - If someone tells you their workout includes a little benching you probably envision a gym setting with weights on a bar and a bench press apparatus perhaps with some grunting and maybe a little groaning.

'Stress Less, Weigh Less' - Weight Loss And Exercise Techniques

Sports And Fitness - In "Stress Less, Weigh Less" healthy lifestyle expert, Holly Mosier, provides a revolutionary new manual combining well-researched nutrition and exercise approaches with time-tested stress management tools.

Evolution Fitness Event And Open House

Sports And Fitness - Evolution Fitness, the Hamptons newest high-end fitness facility opened at 33 Hill Street in Southampton. Evolution Fitness is owned by two Hamptons locals.

Five Habits For Staying Fit

by Rebecca Kordecki
Sports And Fitness - I know we all wish there was a magic pill for staying “fit and trim” - and with all the marketing and advertising of supplement companies - one could almost fall for the idea.

Spring Training

by Jeff Thayer
Sports And Fitness - As the Hamptons begin to thaw out and the golf clubs and tennis racquets get dusted off and the bikes get checked over and tuned up, there's another very important piece of equipment that may need some attention - your body.

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