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Furniture Arrangement Part II: Seeing The Big Picture

by Cindy Lee Bergersen
Rooms With A View - Good decisions come from wisdom. Wisdom comes from experience. Experience comes from bad decisions. As such, you can take my word here. Good furniture arrangements come from good planning. Developing clear “To Do” goals for your furniture scheme is a logical beginning, but what about the rest of the furniture you want to have in a room?

A Few Choice Words About Closets

by Cindy Lee Bergersen
Rooms With A View - When it comes to closets, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder isn't necessarily a bad thing. However, for most of us, the closets are our messy little secret. Things get lost in there too, not unlike the way umbrellas and single socks wind up in the "Parallel Universe."

Inside the Box: Another Look At Wall Color

by Cindy Lee Bergersen
Rooms With A View - Selecting wall color is not the same as selecting a shirt color. Wall color is meant to be an integral part of the overall room design. A color too strong or bright will bounce off the walls, making it difficult to notice the artwork, the furniture, or even the people in a room.

An Art Collection You Can Call Your Own

by Cindy Lee Bergersen
Rooms With A View - By some law of attraction, possibly genetic, we seek to acquire whatever objects catch our eye and take them home. We pick flowers. We collect seashells. We haunt flea markets for “finds”. In short, we scavenge the world for anything and everything. The list of “collectibles” is endless and has no boundaries. Some of us collect art, but over all, art collectors remain a rare breed. Why?

Collections - Art Or Objects - A General Guide To Hanging Around

by Cindy Lee Bergersen
Rooms With A View - What makes an abode your home, is it the art and personal items you treasure and love to look at? In the end, it’s less about the pedigree of what you have and more about the meaning that the art and objects you are looking to display have for you. If you own an art collection you are currently maintaining or adding to, remember to keep a firm grip on the obvious and hang accordingly.

Investing In Time: Buying Antiques For Your Home

by Cindy Lee Bergersen
Rooms With A View - Rare and beautiful objects never go out of style, while good craftsmanship speaks for itself. Furthermore, it's difficult to beat the charm and interest a good antique or vintage piece brings to any setting. When you add the fact that an antique grows in value over time, the initial investment is money well spent.

Shag, Berber And Sisal Still Kings Of Wall To Wall

by Cindy Lee Bergersen
Rooms With A View - From its origins in the 18th century, broadloom carpeting defined luxury. That was until the 1960s and 1970s, when it “pond hopped” here by popular demand. Its use spread like kudzu and the quality tanked to appease all price points. It became cheap, because it was cheap - and looked it. Try not to remember the shag carpeting of the 1970s, if you were around then.

Urban Renewal Starts At Home

by Cindy Lee Bergersen
Rooms With A View - There's something about Spring - warm, sunny days, and new buds on the trees signal nature's annual wake-up call after a long dark winter. No wonder our collective morale rises. It's a time of new beginnings. Undoubtedly, the notion of Spring Cleaning as an annual event developed as part of the preparation for the festivities.

The Savvy Art Buyer In Uncertain Times

by Cindy Lee Bergersen
Rooms With A View - Is it genetic wiring or some law of attraction that makes us want to take home whatever object catches our eye? Anything and everything, from anywhere in the world, is fair game as “Collectible.” It's personal and dictated only by desire. For some, it's stamps. For others, it's antique doorstops. Some of us are passionate collectors of art but not always for love. Some collect art passionately for profit and status; art as a “brand” so to speak.

The 2009 Hampton Designer Showhouse Presented By 'Traditional Home'

Rooms With A View - The Hampton Designer Showhouse is happy to announce that Traditional Home magazine will be the 2009 presenting sponsor of the 2009 Hampton Designer Showcase to take place in Water Mill. The Showhouse will open with a gala preview party on Saturday, July 25, and run for six weeks until Sunday, Sept. 6. Proceeds will benefit Southampton Hospital.

Do You And Your Kitchen Have A Dysfunctional Relationship?

by Cindy Lee Bergersen
Rooms With A View - If all you make for dinner is reservations, or if feeling energetic, boil water for something pre-prepared, you probably don't need to give this room a lot of thought.

Do You And Your Kitchen Have A Dysfunctional Relationship?

by Cindy Lee Bergersen
Rooms With A View - You've done your initial due diligence by identifying the pluses and minuses of your kitchen set-up and have given some thought to your style preferences, but there is so much more to do.

How To Be One With Your Sofa - Making Style And Lifestyle Coincide For Two

by Cindy Lee Bergersen
Rooms With A View - Think about your personal style, and then create an environment that suits your needs and personality, and then think about those of your house mate or partner, and undertake to decorate with taste and compromise to make you both happy.

Coming Clean - Bath Reno Or Refluff

by Cindy Lee Bergersen
Rooms With A View - We tend to take bathrooms for granted, until such times as it's in disrepair for some reason and the plumber is indisposed. Conducting your “toilette” in the kitchen is awkward at best. How can you go out to make rain, slay dragons and capture the bacon to bring home, if you can't even get a decent shave and/or a shower?

The Pursuit Of The Perfect Tile

by Cindy Lee Bergersen
Rooms With A View - The first tile was apparently a happy accident. Some anonymous but clever ancestor of ours noticed that water mixed with clay and dried by the sun would create a hard yet durable material.

Every Picture Tells A Story - Framing And Lighting Your Art - Part II

by Cindy Lee Bergersen
Rooms With A View - Before you can successfully answer the question of how to light artwork beautifully and effectively, it's essential to understand how to use light to your advantage in every room of your home.

The Right Lampshade For Every Lamp

by Cindy Lee Bergersen
Rooms With A View - Selecting the right lampshade is most likely not up there in your top 10 most pressing design issues.

SureFit Offers 10 Home Staging Tips

Rooms With A View - As the inevitable “New Year/New You” mentality settles in, many home owners are considering a new home. As there are more than 3.8 million homes currently for sale in the United States, how can you make your home stand out from the rest and increase the chance of selling?

Make Your Bed And Lie In It - With Style!

Rooms With A View - Thou shall not want for choice of sleeping surface, but how should the surface be dressed?

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