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Thiele Urges State To Drop Appeal Of Decision Enjoining Saltwater Fishing License

On The Water - New York State Assembly has written Governor Andrew Cuomo to request that the State of New York drop its appeal of the December 14, 2010 decision enjoining the implementation of the State Saltwater Fishing License in the waters of seven Long Island Towns including all Town waters on the East End.

New York State Legislature Passes Budget Legislation That Includes The Repeal Of The Saltwater Fishing License

On The Water - New York State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele, Jr. is pleased to announce the passage of budget legislation which includes the repeal of the Saltwater Fishing License and replaces it with a free registry.

Final State Budget Will Include Funds For Conditional Shellfishing Program

On The Water - Thiele has announced that the final 2011 State Budget agreement will include $200,000 for the State DEC to operate the Conditional Shellfish Harvesting Program.

After Months Of Fighting In Albany The Saltwater Fishing License Has Been Repealed

by Ken Moran
On The Water - New York lawmakers and the Cuomo administration have reached an agreement to end the state's $10 annual saltwater fishing license and replace it with a free registry for the state's coastal waters.

State Legislature Reaches Agreement To Repeal Saltwater Fishing License

On The Water - New York State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele, Jr. (I, D, WF-Sag Harbor) reported that the State Legislature has reached an agreement to repeal the Saltwater Fishing License enacted in 2009.

LaValle Bill To Help Commercial Fishermen Unanimously Passes Senate

On The Water - A bill to help commercial fishermen by allowing them to aggregate their daily catch limits over a seven day period and conserve fuel, unanimously passed the Senate.

Freshwater Fishing Season Kicks Off With Trout And Salmon Opener

On The Water - The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) informs this winter's heavy snows and resultant high, cold stream conditions will not be friendly to early season trout anglers.

Don't Just Toss Your Child Into The Water

On The Water - Rita Goldberg can't believe some people still teach kids to swim by proverbially throwing them in the water to see if they sink or swim instinctively.

The Hamptons Beach Rules

by Heather Buchanan
On The Water - There isn't a single visitor to the Hamptons who does not wax poetic about the pristine beaches which stretch for miles along the Atlantic Ocean - rated the number one reason to visit the Hamptons followed closely by rich husband hunting, social climbing, and farm stand tomatoes. Unless you walk, bike, or get a piggyback ride to the ocean beaches you will need to understand the rules.

Coming Ashore: Rum Runners Of The East End

by Ben Amato
On The Water - Floating 12 miles off the coast of Long Island lies the vanished kingdom of Rum Row. For over a dozen years schooners, steamers, and converted fishing trawlers sold Canadian whiskey and Bahamian rum to thirsty Americans during the Prohibition years. From the harbors at Greenport and Montauk, to the small bays of the South Shore, rum runners in small boats would head to sea to load hundreds of cases of contraband and then evade, outrun, or bribe their way past Coast Guard and local police patrols.

Safe Harbor: The Trip To Three Mile Harbor

by Ben Amato
On The Water - Sailing through Gardiner's Bay brings a realization that you are really on the edge of the world. On the west you have your home, the Twin Forks of Long Island. To the east is nothing but the sea - an expanse of waves and sky and clouds that stretch your imagination. You know that Block Island, Newport, and the Cape are out there but the Bay conjures up images of the East End's mythical past.

It's A Really Long Island

by Ben Amato
On The Water - My crew and I aboard my catamaran sailboat went completely around Long Island and came to realize it is really long. It took eight days to travel 226 nautical miles, including several stops between Montauk and Manhattan, eight drawbridges, a dozen or so lighthouses, two thunderstorms and crossing paths with one fin in the Atlantic - a sunfish - but I swear I heard the theme music to “Jaws” the whole time we circled it. Here is the first part of our journey.

Ode To An Overnighter On A Sailboat

by Eileen Casey
On The Water - Dropping anchor anywhere from Montauk to Block Island to Shelter Island to Greenport (or beyond) a flurry of pre-boat/boarding activity is generated, not so much by the need for supplies - although necessary - but more by the feeling of excitement you get that for at least 24 hours or more you are charting your own destiny.

Sag Harbor Sailing: Taming The Deep Blue Sea

by Brett Mauser
On The Water - Sullivan and Tompkins are passionate about what they do – sailing and teaching others how to sail. Since its opening in 1997, the outfit has been the headquarters for hundreds of sailing enthusiasts, no matter the experience.

Recreational And Commercial Fishermen Will Protest At The Capitol

by Ken Moran
On The Water - In an unprecedented and historic show of solidarity, recreational and commercial fishermen will protest on the steps of the Capitol over regulations that have a strangle hold on the fishing community.

Bishop Pushes Back Against Proposed Fishing Regulations

On The Water - Congressman Tim Bishop and 12 House and Senate Members met with Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and NOAA administrator Jane Lubchenco to express unified opposition to onerous new regulations proposed for the Northeast fishing industry.

Long Island Fishermen Meet With National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration

by Ken Moran
On The Water - The Long Island fishing community was recently granted its first opportunity to meet personally with the woman in charge of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA),

New Law Supports Commercial Fishermen

On The Water - Senator Kenneth P. LaValle announced that legislation he sponsored in the Senate to protect the permits of commercial fishermen with large boats has been signed into law.

DEC Changes Designations Of Shellfishing Areas For 2,200 Acres Of Long Island Waters

On The Water - Citing recent bacteriological surveys, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced emergency regulations to close or limit shellfish harvesting areas.

Bluefin Tuna May Move To Endangered Species List

by Ken Moran
On The Water - Bluefin tuna have been a staple among fishermen along the northeast coast for decades and now there is a movement to have them placed on the Endangered Species list.

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