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The Sport of Kings

by Andrea Aurichio
Main Articles - Polo, the sport of kings played in the land of billionaires where the rich and famous, and the rest of us, flock to the matches each summer will get underway this weekend on Saturday, July 21st when the Mercedes–Benz Polo Challenge begins.

A Day At The Beach

by Andrea Aurichio
Main Articles - There is nothing better than a day at the beach, especially if you are in the Hamptons where we have some of the best beaches in the United States. Its official for 2007, Cooper’s Beach in Southampton, is ranked No.3 on the list of the country’s ten best beaches. Main Beach in East Hampton hit the No. 7 spot for 2007.

Independence Day Fireworks Celebrations

Main Articles - This July will start with a bang as fireworks ignite all over the East End this week. No matter where you are you’ll have a chance to bring someone special and catch a show. Here’s the schedule day by day.

Stable Owners Talk About The 2007 Hampton Classic

by Lon S. Cohen
Main Articles - While the event itself is relatively ubiquitous on the calendar of almost anyone who is anyone, we tend to forget with all the glitz and glamour that there are some real honest to goodness hard working folks out there trying to compete in a good show. From the riders to the stable workers to the trainers no one works harder to entertain the late summer crowds, except of course the horses themselves.

Hampton Rides: The First In A Series

by Lon S. Cohen
Main Articles - There are two things that measure the success level of every Hamptonite: House and Car. While the prices of some of the automobiles zooming about town rival the Gross National Product of some third world countries, on the East End, there is hardly a vehicle that can be purchased for less.

Making Time With A Mako!

by Lon S. Cohen
Main Articles - Forget Jaws. Forget Orca. Forget Moby Dick. A Mako is the shark to hook. A popular catch out here on the east end of Long Island, the Mako is the subject of a popular shark fishing contest every year. It's no wonder that the fishermen (and women!) flock like a pack of seagulls over a trashcan whenever they announce the tournament.

Running Through Wine Country: Long Island Style

by Brian Bossetta
Main Articles - Topping my list of reasons why I love Long Island Wine Country is the environment it provides me in which to run. And running through the vineyards on fall evenings is heaven.

Last Chance For Fall Foliage

by Lon S. Cohen
Main Articles - Hurry up! I'm not kidding. If you've been putting off the annual ritual of every New Englander back to the days of the Mayflower then you have just days (if not mere hours) left to enjoy the beauty of fall foliage in the Hamptons.

Dog Days of Day Camp

by Lon S. Cohen
Main Articles - In March, when the snow was melting away and we let the cool breeze in through the screen door, I knew that the dreaded time was imminent when I had to go back to day camp. Back to name calling, wedgies, competition, and puppy love.

Skiiers for Life

by J. Z. Holden
Main Articles - Southampton residents Kenneth Dressler and Ivy Winick danced together at an AIDS fundraiser in New York fifteen years ago. One thing led to another and shortly thereafter, they danced their way to the slopes of Vermont where they began skiing together. They have been dancing and skiing together quite happily ever since.

Hamptons Classic Rider Talk

by Lon S. Cohen
Main Articles - The Classic is a long competition. While trainers may be the backbone of this event, the riders and the horses are the ones we all come out to see and cheer. We caught up with Hillary Dobbs and Julie Wells of North Run Stables and Georgina Bloomberg of Gotham North as they got settled on the Classic grounds.

Let's Go Fly A Fish

by Lon S. Cohen
Main Articles - You don't necessarily have to get up at the crack of dawn to go fly-fishing. While there is a long list of do's and do not's about the time of day to fly fish, almost everyone will agree that whatever time works best for you, especially if your secret spot is void of other anglers, then that is the perfect time to fish.

Hampton Rides: Going Exotic

by Lon S. Cohen
Main Articles - We asked our panel of experts a simple question this week, "If you had unlimited funds, what kind of car would you want to drive to be seen about town in the Hamptons?" In rapid fire they answered dreamily - Aston Martin, Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, and Alpha Romeo.

Windsurfing And Why A Puffin?

by Lon S. Cohen
Main Articles - Have you ever really watched those crazies out on the water - the ones with the hybrid surfboard/sailboat? They’re there spring, summer, and fall, whenever the wind and the waves are right. Windsurfing is one of those mutant sports that actually caught on.

The Tony Hawk Foundation Stands Up For Skateparks Benefit Is Coming To The Hamptons

by Nicole B. Brewer
Main Articles - For years skateboard legend Tony Hawk has been thrilling the crowds across the country with his extreme tricks. This weekend he's bringing the thrills to the Hamptons with his inaugural Activision Presents Stand Up For Skateparks benefit in Bridgehampton.

On A Shark's Tail In The Hamptons

by Lon S. Cohen
Main Articles - No doubt about it. Summer brings about thoughts of shark fishing to the Hamptons. The East End is famous for its shark fishing, being home to the easternmost point of the Island, captains have congregated around the marinas of the Point for years, hauling a would be Zane Grey or Ernest Hemingway miles out into the ocean for the chance to return home from the high seas, proudly hanging a Mako or a Thresher from dockside scales.

Melissa Cohn - Just Another Local Rider At The Hampton Classic

by Lon S. Cohen
Main Articles - Melissa Cohn, avid rider, competitor, mother, and owner of Manhattan Mortgage Company, and a sponsor of the Hampton Classic for a baker's dozen or so years.

Komodo Island Voyage

by Bob Schiff
Main Articles - Editor's Note: Our roving international correspondent, Bob Schiff, has been traveling throughout Asia, reporting on the obscure and exotic. Here is his sixth installment detailing his travels. Enjoy Shiff's musings on the locals, customs, accommodations, and certainly the visual and descriptive majesty of the sites he is visiting and documenting.

Old Montauk Athletic Club To Honor Clark And Brown At Annual Awards Dinner

by Brett Mauser
Main Articles - Year after year, the Old Montauk Athletic Club has honored some of the region's most prolific men and women in sports. This year will be no exception as Cliff Clark, accomplished runner and founder of the Shelter Island 10K, as well as Laura Brown, a force on the East End road race circuit, at the organization's annual awards dinner to be held at Della Femina's in East Hampton on Monday, November 30.

Early Spring Explorations With Group For The East End

Main Articles - The Group for the East End has announced Build A Nest Box event.

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