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The Best Shore Dive On Long Island at the Old Ponquogue Bridge

by Lon S. Cohen
Main Articles - If you’re looking to dive in waters with great visibility, teeming with sea life and a history that spans more than twenty thousand years, starting with not one but two, thousand-foot high glaciers, Native Americans and a controversial building project or two, then look no further than the Ponquogue Bridge.

an•gler [ang-gler] - noun, a person who fishes with a hook and line. [1]

by Lon S. Cohen
Main Articles - Out here on the East End, it’s very apparent that we live on an island. Water is a defining element of the Hamptons and boating and fishing is so pervasive. Alas, there isn’t quite enough time for fishing nowadays as there used to be.

Fun and Fitness at Radu in Southampton

by Kelly Krieger
Main Articles - Working out and staying in shape has always been a struggle for me. I’ve joined gym after gym and tried every diet imaginable, but it wasn’t until I joined Radu in Southampton that I finally found my path to exercise.

Entertainers Basketball Classic to Hold First Annual Charity Game at Madison Square Garden

Main Articles - This will be the first charity event that Gregory Marius, CEO of Entertainers Basketball Classic, has organized at the "World's Most Famous Arena".

Dark Noon: The Final Voyage of the Fishing Boat Pelican

by Tom Clavin
Main Articles - Read an excerpt of "Dark Noon" by Tom Clavin, published by McGraw-Hill. Meet the author this weekend at East End books - check out the calendar for details.

LTU Champions Tennis Trophy - A Fanatic's Diary

by Melissa Palma
Main Articles - A little tennis, a big party, thousands of dollars raised for charity, and in the end Johnny Mac wins!

The Biggest and Best Harbor Fest Yet

by Heather Buchanan
Main Articles - This weekend Harbor Fest 2005 brings to life Sag Harbor’s maritime history with everything from clam shucking contests to lobster bakes to live folk music to America’s Cup yacht racing. With numerous activities for the whole family, Sag Harbor Fest rolls out a feast of fun from Friday September 9th through Sunday September 11.

Coming to the Hamptons: Rebecca Kordecki CPT, LMT

by Christine Kiernan
Main Articles - With summer officially drawing to a close, you may find your kids (or yourself!) increasingly stuck indoors, in front of the TV. So, instead of waiting and watching the pounds pile on, why not do something proactive – and fun! – for your kid’s health and well-being.

Flying Point 10K for Autism Awareness - Ready, Set, Go!

by Christine Kiernan
Main Articles - Whether you are a runner, philanthropist, or both, the newest mini-marathon event to hit the East End supports a great cause and is bound to be a blast! The first-annual Flying Point 10K for Autism Awareness will touch down in Water Mill on Sunday, September 24 at 9:30 a.m.

Sag Harbor Seven Raise Over $15,000 for Breast Cancer

by Helen Atkinson-Barnes
Main Articles - We called ourselves the “Sag Harbor Happy Feet” though our feet occasionally got a little sore. Our group of Sag Harbor moms was happy to work together to raise money (over $15,000) and have some fun for the important causes of Breast Cancer research, awareness, and treatment.

A Passion for Fitness - Jeff Thayer

by Kim Covell
Main Articles - When someone loves what they do it shows. Talking to Jeff Thayer, owner and founder of JT’s Personal Fitness, his passion for his business is utterly evident, and judging by the length of his client list so is his talent.

Snowflake Finding In Our Winter Wonderland

by Lon S. Cohen
Main Articles - The next time a snowflake spirals down from the sky and lands on your sleeve, try to take a close look. You will find a world of wonder in the miniature craftwork of Mother Nature. You will be amazed.

The Sport of Kings

by Andrea Aurichio
Main Articles - Polo, the sport of kings played in the land of billionaires where the rich and famous, and the rest of us, flock to the matches each summer will get underway this weekend on Saturday, July 21st when the Mercedes–Benz Polo Challenge begins.

A Day At The Beach

by Andrea Aurichio
Main Articles - There is nothing better than a day at the beach, especially if you are in the Hamptons where we have some of the best beaches in the United States. Its official for 2007, Cooper’s Beach in Southampton, is ranked No.3 on the list of the country’s ten best beaches. Main Beach in East Hampton hit the No. 7 spot for 2007.

Independence Day Fireworks Celebrations

Main Articles - This July will start with a bang as fireworks ignite all over the East End this week. No matter where you are you’ll have a chance to bring someone special and catch a show. Here’s the schedule day by day.

Stable Owners Talk About The 2007 Hampton Classic

by Lon S. Cohen
Main Articles - While the event itself is relatively ubiquitous on the calendar of almost anyone who is anyone, we tend to forget with all the glitz and glamour that there are some real honest to goodness hard working folks out there trying to compete in a good show. From the riders to the stable workers to the trainers no one works harder to entertain the late summer crowds, except of course the horses themselves.

Hampton Rides: The First In A Series

by Lon S. Cohen
Main Articles - There are two things that measure the success level of every Hamptonite: House and Car. While the prices of some of the automobiles zooming about town rival the Gross National Product of some third world countries, on the East End, there is hardly a vehicle that can be purchased for less.

Making Time With A Mako!

by Lon S. Cohen
Main Articles - Forget Jaws. Forget Orca. Forget Moby Dick. A Mako is the shark to hook. A popular catch out here on the east end of Long Island, the Mako is the subject of a popular shark fishing contest every year. It's no wonder that the fishermen (and women!) flock like a pack of seagulls over a trashcan whenever they announce the tournament.

Running Through Wine Country: Long Island Style

by Brian Bossetta
Main Articles - Topping my list of reasons why I love Long Island Wine Country is the environment it provides me in which to run. And running through the vineyards on fall evenings is heaven.

Last Chance For Fall Foliage

by Lon S. Cohen
Main Articles - Hurry up! I'm not kidding. If you've been putting off the annual ritual of every New Englander back to the days of the Mayflower then you have just days (if not mere hours) left to enjoy the beauty of fall foliage in the Hamptons.

Showing Results 81 to 100 of 143
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