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Nicole Kidman Joins Rue La La For 'Doing A Little Good' Boutique

Icons & Trendsetters - Rue La La, a Members-only online shopping destination dedicated to a life of style, has joined forces with Academy Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman to curate a one-of-a-kind “Doing a Little Good” Boutique with 100 percent of net profits benefitting her charity of choice.

Duffy For Sebastian Professional Coifs Scarlett Johansson

Icons & Trendsetters - On Monday, December 12, at the Ziegfeld Theatre in NYC, the cast of the heartfelt drama “We Bought a Zoo” walked the red carpet in style.

Wella Celebrity Stylist Glams Up Katie Holmes

Icons & Trendsetters - Wella Professionals Celebrity Stylist Andy LeCompte gave Katie Holmes a feather-light, radiantly shiny blowout to let her natural beauty take center stage on the red carpet at the "Jack & Jill" movie premiere.

Grey Gardens: Hardly The Ho-Hum Neighbors

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
Icons & Trendsetters - Editor's Note: Based on the extraordinary recognition given to HBO's brilliant film "Grey Gardens" at this year's Emmy Awards, we thought our readers would like to revisit the Hamptons.com article written and aired on our site the week of the film's premiere. We think there is a no better back story written about our Beales of East Hampton. Enjoy!

Designer Alexander McQueen Found Dead

Icons & Trendsetters - Lee Alexander McQueen, was found dead at his London home today, February 11. McQueen was well known for his unconventional designs, and clothed numerous celebrities.

Isabella Rossellini: From Lancôme To Oyster Beds, She Steps With Style And Intention

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
Icons & Trendsetters - As the face of Lancôme for two decades, Rossellini has long been considered one of the world's most beautiful women and remains nothing short of breathtaking in both her beauty and passion for the causes she supports. A long time environmentalist, Rossellini has jumped in with both feet to aid various green campaigns, in particular the Nature Conservancy's effort to save the Great South Bay.

George Plimpton's Last Interview Celebrated

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
Icons & Trendsetters - Editor's Note: Sept. 25 is the anniversary of a sad loss for The Hamptons, the death of the irreplaceable, beloved and consummate Hamptonian, George Plimpton. In September 2003, our Senior Arts & Entertainment Reporter Douglas Harrington, as the then Editor-in-Chief of the now out of print magazine The Improper Hamptionian, conducted the last interview with Plimpton just days before his death. It was an interview that celebrated the 50th anniversary of Plimpton's greatest literary passion, The Paris Review.

Michael Imperioli, 'The Sopranos' Actor Seeks Enlightenment Through Buddhism

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
Icons & Trendsetters - Michael Imperioli, like all the cast members of HBO”s wildly popular “The Sopranos,” has, for the last decade, been a darling of the entertainment media. Amid all the media craze, Imperioli has actually been on a serious journey of self-evaluation, a journey of self-realization, a journey that led him to Tibetan Buddhism.

Gavin Keilly: Give A Gift That Keeps On Giving

by Eileen Casey
Icons & Trendsetters - Gavin Keilly is the President of GBK Productions. A successful entrepreneur in Hollywood, six years ago, the Los Angeles native, with a passion for philanthropy, wanted to bridge the gap between non-profit foundations and for-profit companies, creating a "win-win-win" situation in the process.

Rachel Hudgins: Captures Children In Photographic Memories

Icons & Trendsetters - “As a photographer, I prefer to go unnoticed. however, it was a thrill to be introduced by one of my five-year-old clients as his show-and-tell guest with, ‘this is my photographer.'

Linda Morand, SuperChick Super Model Of The 1960s

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
Icons & Trendsetters - One of the most photographed models of the mid-1960s Linda Morand was, like her contemporary Twiggy, an “It Girl” that set the style for a generation of women.

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