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Southampton Hospital Announces Grant From Long Island Community Foundation

For Your Health - The Long Island Community Foundation has awarded $50,000 to Southampton Hospital for the implementation of NextGen, an electronic medical and dental records management system at the Hospital's Shinnecock Health Clinic.

You Probably Know What's In Your Kids' Peanut Butter, But Do You Know What's In Their Toothpaste?

For Your Health - Most parents are careful about learning what's in the stuff their kids eat and drink. They avoid artificial dyes, preservatives, chemicals, and sweeteners. Yet ask just about any of those same folks if they have ever looked at what is in their toothpaste and you'll likely get blank stares.

The Healthy Geezer: Incontinence

by Fred Cicetti
For Your Health - Kegel exercises strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. The exercises improve the functioning of both the urethral and rectal sphincters.

'Growing Happy Kids: How To Foster Inner Confidence, Success, And Happiness'

For Your Health - Happiness is what everyone wants! The challenge is we often go looking for it in all the wrong places, and teach our kids the same.

March Is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

by Dr. Sanjiv Shah
For Your Health - Colorectal cancer is the fourth most common cancer among men and women, and the second deadliest.

Southampton Hospital Introduces 'The Important Medical Information Program'

For Your Health - It is a free program designed for seniors and individuals with serious medical conditions to provide pertinent medical information to emergency personnel who respond to home emergencies.

The Healthy Geezer: CPR

by Fred Cicetti
For Your Health - CPR, which stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, employs chest compression and mouth-to-mouth breathing to treat cardiac arrest, heart attack, drowning and electrocution.

Tips For Writing Off Emotional Pain

For Your Health - The unexpected blows experienced by so many Americans during the current economic recession have left many dealing with what psychotherapist Daniela Roher calls “recession stress disorder."

The Healthy Geezer: Intestinal Discomfort

by Fred Cicetti
For Your Health - Diarrhea is caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites, certain foods, medicines and diseases. Diarrhea is a common malady that usually lasts a day or two and goes away without treatment.

Senate Passes Bill To Curb Illegal Prescription Drug Use

For Your Health - With the abuse of illegally-obtained prescription narcotics growing rapidly, the New York State Senate passed several bills to curb the black market in prescription painkillers said New York State Senator Kenneth P. LaValle.

The Truth About Happily Ever After: Nine Ways To Strengthen Your Marriage On Valentine's Day And Every Day

For Your Health - Valentine's Day is looming large on the horizon, and everywhere you look, commercials, magazines, store displays, and more are focused on helping couples plan the “perfect” February 14 celebration.

The Healthy Geezer: Rosacea

by Fred Cicetti
For Your Health - W.C. Fields, the vaudevillian and comedic actor in early films, was known to hoist more than an occasional beer. But, Fields got his red, bumpy nose from rosacea, not alcohol. Former President Bill Clinton has rosacea and so did the late financier J.P. Morgan.

How To Properly Stock Your Medicine Cabinet - On The Cheap!

by Teri Gault
For Your Health - I was able to break open a brand new bottle of one dollar night time cough syrup, and slept like a baby! Yep you heard that right - only a dollar for brand name cough syrup regularly priced at about $7 or more.

Dr. Estelita 'Dushy' Roth Joins Anti-Aging And Family Wellness Group

For Your Health - Anti-Aging & Family Wellness Group, a Southampton medical practice, is pleased to announce that Dr. Estelita “Dushy” Roth has joined the organization, which recently moved to a new location at 1601 County Road 39, Suite #9, in Southampton.

Simple Steps To A More Productive, More Gratifying Work Day

For Your Health - Tired of ending the day feeling like you didn't even come close to getting the right mount of work done? Jason Womack offers up a few easy tips for creating the habits that will help you knock out your to-do list - so you can focus on your want-to-do list.

Beautiful You Center For Healing Arts Expands Its Services

For Your Health - Beautiful You Center for Healing Arts announces its newest addition of services - Ciel Acupuncture by Graciela Alimanestianu.

The Year Of The Quitter: Why Stopping These 12 Habits Will Make 2012 Your Best Year Yet

For Your Health - Overall, Americans are just plain exhausted - and it isn't surprising. Society tells us (not very subtly, either) that we need to perform to a certain standard, look a certain way, weigh a certain number, make a certain amount of money, and much more.

Avoiding Death By To-Do List: 15 Ways To Overcome Overload And Work Smarter In 2012

For Your Health - If you're like many Americans you're dreading your first day back after the holidays. Your to-do list and bursting-at-the-(cyber)seams in-box loom large. Workplace performance expert Jason Womack explains how to get a handle on both - and maybe even find the wherewithal to finally change your life.

The Healthy Geezer: Colonoscopy

by Fred Cicetti
For Your Health - The Healthy Geezer offers advice and fields questions about health and well-being.

Make Your Resolutions A Reality

For Your Health - January 1st is right around the corner and with millions of Americans making their annual New Year's resolutions, most experts will tell you things like “go slow” and “reward yourself.”

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