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Plastic Surgery Secrets Revealed: How To Stay Young And Keep People Guessing

by Nicole B. Brewer
For Your Health - For a certain group of very social ladies in New York City (the Hamptons, Palm Beach, and other fabulous locales), and a growing group of men, it would seem that the Fountain of Youth simply overflows. We wondered, how do they do it?

Nine Tips For Setting Your Fitness And Health Goals For 2014

by Barbara Brenseke
For Your Health - Choosing to live, eat and exercise right should be our lifelong goal. However, tangible achievements almost always involve setting several short-term goals. A proven way to ensure success is to make sure you are setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals.

Choices For New Mom Kim Kardashian: Dr. Greenberg's Tips For Going Under The Knife

by Chelsea Katz
For Your Health - Motherhood comes with all kinds of decisions from diapers to day care. For new celebrity moms like Kim Kardashian, those decisions also involve how to look good doing it by going under the knife.

I-tri Does More Than Train Girls For Triathlons

by Chelsea Katz
For Your Health - I-tri trains girls for triathlons as well as works to increase self-esteem.

The Suffolk County Fatherhood Initiative Joins Up With Obama Program

by Chelsea Katz
For Your Health - The Suffolk County Fatherhood Initiative, a part of The Retreat, is working with President Barack Obama's Fatherhood Buzz project to promote parental responsibilities, in order to prevent domestic violence.

Fun In The Hamptons Sun

by Susan Malfitano
For Your Health - In the Hamptons celebrating Memorial Day weekend signals the “Season” of parties, barbeques and full on beach time.

Healthy Face Over Fifty

by Dr. Paul E. Kelly, M.D.
For Your Health - Aging happens as they say – you wake up one morning, grab that cup of Joe and as you pass that mirror you do a double take, whoa, how did that happen? You take a close look and what you see just doesn't seem to match. You see tired, drab, textured skin, and yes wrinkles. Uuuggghhh – you have become your mother!

Peconic Bay Medical Center Names New Director Of Robotic Urology

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
For Your Health - This week Peconic Bay Medicak Center further reinforced its position as a regional leader for advanced surgical procedures by naming Dr. Scott Press as its Director of Robotic Urology.

Fighting Chance Releases Preview Of New Cancer Care Resource Guide For 2013

by Nicole Barylski
For Your Health - Fighting Chance, the Sag Harbor-based free cancer counseling center has released preview copies of Coping with Cancer on the East End. The 99 page guide is a “where-to-find-it" informational of cancer care resources, geared for use by newly diagnosed patients on the East End of Long Island.

Personal Cure of Montauk Presents Ohashi At Gurney's Inn

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
For Your Health - Master holistic health instructor Ohashi will make a rare appearance in the Hamptons this week when he conducts a three hour workshop at Gurney's Inn Resort and Spa on Wednesday, September 12.

Some Tips To Tick Off Hamptons Ticks

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
For Your Health - The season is upon us and as just as we come out of our winter, urban hibernation the ticks are waiting. Brian Kelly, dedicated tick and mosquito control expert and owner of East End Tick & Mosquito Control, shared some tips with Hamptons.com on how to protect your family from the tick born diseases that can be so dangerous.

ENT And Allergy Associates Raises It's Voice

For Your Health - ENT and Allergy Associates recently welcomed Dr. Joel E. Portnoy, a board-eligible head and neck surgeon and fellowship trained laryngologist to the medical staff.

Don't Let The Lyme Bugs Bite

by Marc Merullo
For Your Health - Many people spend a great deal of time outdoors. Parents take their children out for walks to the local park or around the neighborhood. A next door neighbor might be out cleaning the yard, the mailman delivering mail, the Federal Express truck making stops at various houses and businesses. Unfortunately, anyone who is outdoors doing anything could potentially become a Lyme disease victim, since the ticks that spread this can be anywhere.

Planning For Long-Term Health Care? Tips For Selecting Insurance Options

For Your Health - Thanks to Baby Boomers and modern medical marvels, more Americans than ever are heading into their senior years, and they're expected to live longer than ever, too.

The Healthy Geezer: Heart Attack (Part II)

by Fred Cicetti
For Your Health - Doctors call a heart attack a “myocardial infarction.” Loosely translated, the term means heart-muscle death. (Heart attack is a subject too vast for one column. We'll need three. This is Part II).

Thiele Reminds Women That Mammographies Save Lives

For Your Health - New York State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele, Jr. (I, D, WF-Sag Harbor) has joined with the Adelphi New York Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline and Support Program in their annual Mother's Day campaign to urge women to get mammograms.

Thiele: National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day

For Your Health - Every day, it seems like a new prescription drug is created to treat every type of ache, pain or ailment. This has left many households stockpiled with all kinds of medications.

Hospital's Palliative Care Service Expands To Include Bereavement Support Groups

For Your Health - Southampton Hospital's Palliative Care Service has been available for patients and their families a full year now. The service provides comprehensive care and management of physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs to patients who are seriously ill and/or experiencing a life-threatening illness.

Partnership For Prescription Assistance Assists Those With Limited Income

For Your Health - Suffolk County Legislator Jay Schneiderman (I-Montauk) and the Suffolk County Office for People with Disabilities would like to inform the community of an organization called Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPARxNY).

The Allergist's Dictionary

by Dr. Paul M. Ehrlich
For Your Health - With an allergist, the consequences of the right and wrong words have measurable consequences, ranging from comfort to chronic misery, to medical payments spent wisely or wasted, and sometimes life or death.

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