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Nearly 800 Runner Compete In 2nd Annual Bridgehampton Half-Marathon

by Cami Potter
For Your Health - Nick Lemon (22) took home the first place finish in the second annual Bridgehampton Half-Marathon.

Where To Get A Killer Workout In The Hamptons This Summer

by Nicole Barylski
For Your Health - From a nonstop cardio party at The Surf Lodge to one of Chrissy Teigen's workout of choice, here are three new Hamptons fitness summer spots.

SoulCycle Expands To "The End" With Fourth Hamptons Studio

by Nicole Barylski
For Your Health - "SoulCycle has been a major fixture in riders' summer schedules since our Bridgehampton studio opened in 2007 - we're excited to continue that out in Montauk," expressed Gabby Etrog Cohen.

Hamptons Marathon Ranked Among Top Ten Half-Marathons Worldwide

by Nicole Barylski
For Your Health - "We could not be prouder that the Hamptons Half marathon was named one of the Top 10 Halfs in the world," expressed Diane Weinberger, Race Director of Hamptons Marathon and Bridgehampton Half.

Hamptons Marathon, Inc. To Offer Training Support For 2015 Races

by Nicole Barylski
For Your Health - Even though their first race is still a few months away, Hamptons Marathon, Inc. is already preparing for the 2015 season.

Celebrity Trainer Craig Ramsay Shares Three Easy Exercises To Burn Off Your Super Bowl Sunday Chicken Wings

by Nicole Barylski
For Your Health - "You couch is not just your stadium seating for the game it's also your gym," noted celeb trainer Craig Ramsay.

Free Hamptons Lecture To Focus On Living In The Now

by Nicole Barylski
For Your Health - Guild Hall's Table Talk series of engaging lectures on a variety of topics from how to make the perfect toast to how to 'pause' and 'be present' is back with all new subjects.

Wellness Foundation Of East Hampton Inviting East End Residents To Take "Winter Wellness Challenge"

by Nicole Barylski
For Your Health - "Besides dropping about 15 pounds, my fasting blood glucose dropped from almost 160 to 106," noted Wellness Challenge graduate, Allen Fein, MD.

Hamptons Wellness Week Expands To Month-Long Event

by Nicole Barylski
For Your Health - Year after year, one of the top New Year's resolutions is to get in shape and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Parrish Art Museum Holding Holiday Season Yoga & Dharma Session

by Nicole Barylski
For Your Health - "Yoga allows for introspection and calm — the perfect state to contemplate works of art, and experience the creative process," noted Amy Kirwin, Visitor Services and Museum Programs Manager at the Parrish Art Museum.

Skin Deep: Hamptons Cosmetic Surgeon's Top Three Tips For Looking Fab This Fall

by Nicole B. Brewer
For Your Health - After a long summer in the sun, the fall not only means back to school, it mean facing the facts of sun damage as your fab tan fades. We spoke to a Hamptons pro to get the scoop on how to manage the damage at any age.

Get Healthy This Summer With Hamptons Wellness Week

by Elsie Boskamp
For Your Health - A week-long celebration of health and wellness will encompass the Hamptons with boutique fitness, holistic healing, spa services, pampering, prevention, water sports galore and various other events and activities.

5 Alternative Medicines To Try in The Hamptons

by Nicola Mar
For Your Health - Most of us practice some sort of alternative therapy to stay healthy. Meditation and yoga have become mainstream especially here in the Hamptons. Here are five other holistic treatments that can also be used to supplement typical Western health care.

Plastic Surgery Secrets Revealed: How To Stay Young And Keep People Guessing

by Nicole B. Brewer
For Your Health - For a certain group of very social ladies in New York City (the Hamptons, Palm Beach, and other fabulous locales), and a growing group of men, it would seem that the Fountain of Youth simply overflows. We wondered, how do they do it?

Nine Tips For Setting Your Fitness And Health Goals For 2014

by Barbara Brenseke
For Your Health - Choosing to live, eat and exercise right should be our lifelong goal. However, tangible achievements almost always involve setting several short-term goals. A proven way to ensure success is to make sure you are setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals.

Choices For New Mom Kim Kardashian: Dr. Greenberg's Tips For Going Under The Knife

by Chelsea Katz
For Your Health - Motherhood comes with all kinds of decisions from diapers to day care. For new celebrity moms like Kim Kardashian, those decisions also involve how to look good doing it by going under the knife.

I-tri Does More Than Train Girls For Triathlons

by Chelsea Katz
For Your Health - I-tri trains girls for triathlons as well as works to increase self-esteem.

The Suffolk County Fatherhood Initiative Joins Up With Obama Program

by Chelsea Katz
For Your Health - The Suffolk County Fatherhood Initiative, a part of The Retreat, is working with President Barack Obama's Fatherhood Buzz project to promote parental responsibilities, in order to prevent domestic violence.

Fun In The Hamptons Sun

by Susan Malfitano
For Your Health - In the Hamptons celebrating Memorial Day weekend signals the “Season” of parties, barbeques and full on beach time.

Healthy Face Over Fifty

by Dr. Paul E. Kelly, M.D.
For Your Health - Aging happens as they say – you wake up one morning, grab that cup of Joe and as you pass that mirror you do a double take, whoa, how did that happen? You take a close look and what you see just doesn't seem to match. You see tired, drab, textured skin, and yes wrinkles. Uuuggghhh – you have become your mother!

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