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A Luxe Herbal Twist To European Pedicures

Counter Intelligence - With a chilly winter in sight, the change of season makes it the perfect time of year to take care of your skin. Gita Gabriel‘s highly regarded, Upper East Side Salon and Spa has begun incorporating new products into their traditional European pedicures.

Chic Print Nails!

by Nicole A. Flotteron
Counter Intelligence - Celebrities and fashionistas alike are flocking to Chic Print Nails by O.P.I. for Sephora, which can transform your nails into your best accessory.

Protecting Your Pucker

by Nicole B. Brewer
Counter Intelligence - Harsh winter weather does a number on your skin. And while there are hundreds of lotions and body butters to choose from to nourish your knees and elbows, what about protecting your lips?

Pretty Powerful Collection

by Nicole B. Brewer
Counter Intelligence - The launch of the Pretty Powerful Palettes marks the first anniversary of Bobbi Brown's iconic Pretty Powerful Campaign.

28 First Kisses

by Nicole B. Brewer
Counter Intelligence - A person's “kissability” can be negatively affected by many factors, including bad breath and chapped lip. However, there are plenty of products that will help keep you kissable all day and night.

Beating The Working Woman Blues On A Budget

Counter Intelligence - “Women are very good at denying themselves luxuries, as well as some necessities, in order to make ends meet.”

Discovering Your Right Scentiment

Counter Intelligence - With a new celebrity fragrance launching in what seems like every month nowadays, it can be hard to determine what fragrance is right for you.

Valentine's Day Gifts For Yourself!

Counter Intelligence - Valentine's Day is just two weeks away and whether you are looking for something special for someone special, a friend, or even yourself, we've found three great gifts that are sure to please!

Showing Results 221 to 228 of 228
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