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After Shave: Doling Out Hamptons Style In Real Time

by Colin M. Graham
After Shave - I so often get asked by friends living in the city for advice on what to wear, where to go and what to do in the Hamptons sometimes I feel like I'm running a personal concierge service...

The Lowdown On Sunglasses

by Colin M. Graham
After Shave - One thing that seems to constantly come up whenever the subject of sunglasses arises, is whether they are “real” or “fake.” There seems to be two camps supporting two different schools of thought on whether it actually matters that your shades cost $20 or $200.

Real Men Do Wear 'Pink'

by Colin M. Graham
After Shave - In a world where the logos on Ralph Lauren's polo shirts seem to be getting bigger and more conspicuous each year (I think now they're roughly the size of Andre the Giant's hand print) and the marks of other luxury manufactures like Chanel, Gucci, Coach and Louis Vuitton have become so ubiquitous as to be readily identifiable to neophytes in the fashion world, one must ask where will this trend end?

'80s Redux - The Return Of Neon

by Colin M. Graham
After Shave - If the prevalence of neon colored apparel on the beaches and around town this summer hasn't been enough to tip you off, I'll just come out and say it: certain '80s styles are coming back with a vengeance.

Classic Hamptons Fashion And Manners

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
After Shave - My fashion de rigueur can pretty much be summed up in two words - Brooks Brothers, particularly in the spring and summer. I am a traditionalist and, if I may be so bold as to mix metaphors, I am proud to be well mannered in my attire. Allow me to elaborate.

Stylish Lids To Keep Your Noggin Warm

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
After Shave - An essential accessory this time of year is a hat. May I suggest something other than the baseball cap variety over the next several months of cold weather?

Brrrrr! Sweater Weather Is Upon Us, Ode To The Turtleneck

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
After Shave - A Celt by lineage, I play golf throughout the winter as long as the greens are not covered in snow. That being said, I do need a bit more than an Izod polo shirt and my Brooks Brothers navy blazer when the winter winds blow through the Hamptons. It is sweater weather my friends and I could not be happier.

Take A Good Look Down, Classic Footwear

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
After Shave - I'll admit it, with the exception of a very formal event, most of us guys can make it through an entire Hamptons summer in the same pair of Sperry Topsiders. These classic boat shoes are proper with a blazer and a pair of jeans or chinos and a polo or Oxford shirt at most casual summer fetes.

Neckwear, Why Not Tie On A Classic Bow Tie?

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
After Shave - Neck to waist for a formal event or a business meeting we grab the tie off a high-end, mechanized rolling tie rack or a simple wooden hanger where we have draped our silk nooses. I enjoy wearing a tie, and with an appropriate pocket square there is nothing that so completes a suit or says more about the man that wears it.

Mad Men Wear Plaid

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
After Shave - The holiday season is upon us and there are two colors that are associated with them, red and green. Red bows hung on green garland, green wreaths decorated with red holly berries, Christmas trees are green and cranberries are red.

Pull Out All The Stops This Winter With The Season's Most Affordable Men's Accessory

by Nicole B. Brewer
After Shave - In the world of fashion, accessories have taken a back seat as people are looking to save where they can these days. However, as the new season approaches, cufflinks are making a comeback as an inexpensive way for men to accessorize.

The Overcoat: Essential And Stylish In The Winter

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
After Shave - “This is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer by this sun of York.” Shakespeare aside our New “York” summer is still months away, so let's address the winter of our discontent with the single best defense against it, the overcoat.

The Shave, No After Shave Please!

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
After Shave - The day of the basic straight edge razor has gone the way of the dodo, no matter how cool Marlon Brando looked in “Last Tango in Paris” dragging that dangerous barber's blade across his face with a naked and voluptuous Maria Schneider looking back at him in the mirror.

Men's Hair Products, Well Beyond Brylcreem!

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
After Shave - “Brylcreem, a little dab'll do ya!” Gentlemen, we have come a long way since the jingle for that iconic tube of hair dressing, created in 1928.

The Scent Of A Man, Be Specific!

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
After Shave - In the film “Wayne's World II” Wayne gets a whiff of Garth and asks in shock, “Are you wearing Brut?” Garth responds, “Yes. My woman likes me in cologne.” Of course, gentlemen, we need to like ourselves in it as well.

In Praise Of The Ascot: Cravat's Casual Cousin

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
After Shave - I have, in past “After Shave” columns, threatened to address the silky issue of the ascot, and indeed it has come time to pay homage to the most stylist of all neck attire.

An Alternative To The Traditional Gift For Dad

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
After Shave - So what does the toney Hamptons Dad really want for Father's Day, perhaps another tie? In truth, at least in my opinion, you can never have enough ties or pocket squares, but how many years in row should he have to open the same long, thin rectangular box?

The Classic Polo Is Simply Design Genius, Thank You René Lacoste!

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
After Shave - As we are in the throws of the Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge here in the Hamptons, I thought I might address the issue of the shirt that shares the same name with the sport.

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