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INTERVIEW: Wölffer Estate Vineyard Co-Owner Joey Wölffer And Mab & Stoke Founder Christina Mace-Turner On Their New Collaboration - No. 139 Botanical Cider

by Nicole Barylski
On The Vine - "This is the first time we've infused our classic cider with herbal extracts. This new cider is a unique experience for drinkers to indulge and feel wildly refreshed inside and out," Wölffer told Hamptons.com.

INTERVIEW: Robert Mondavi Winery's Kathy Magner On The Virtual Summer Sundays Series

by Nicole Barylski
On The Vine - "The winery enlisted Bay Area TV and radio host Liam Mayclem to host Summer Sundays, a bi-weekly virtual event on the winery's social media channels featuring well-known friends of the winery from the wine, food, music and performing arts communities," Magner told us.

INTERVIEW: Fine Art Photographer Gray Malin On Getaway Rosé, His Collab With Nocking Point Wines, Make Everyday A Getaway Motto And More

by Nicole Barylski
On The Vine - "My personal philosophy as a photographer has always been to Make Everyday a Getaway, and this has become my brand slogan as well. I enjoy transporting people to places all over the world through my photography," Malin told us.

INTERVIEW: Wölffer Estate Vineyard Partner And Winemaker Roman Roth On Grilling With Roman [At Home Edition], Fall Releases And More

On The Vine - "I am in the middle of blending the most amazing red wines from the 2019 vintage (the best we ever had…in 28 years), but we have to be patient as these special wines won't be ready until 2022," Roth told us.

INTERVIEW: Matt Dukes, Usual Wines CEO & Co-Founder, On The Brand's Single-Serve Sips, Approachability, Unique Bottles And More

by Nicole Barylski
On The Vine - "We wanted Usual Wines to be your go-to wine/everyday wine - your 'usual' glass," Dukes told us.

INTERVIEW: Joey Wölffer On Welcoming Guests Back To Wölffer Estate Vineyard, The New Wölffer No.139 Dry Rosé Cider LoRo, Beach Shack, And More

by Nicole Barylski
On The Vine - "During this time we felt it was important to produce something that inspires people to push outside the comfort zone and do something that makes them feel 'high of life,'" Wölffer told us about the new Wölffer offering.

INTERVIEW: Joey Wölffer On Wölffer Estate Vineyard's Eye-Catching Holiday Display, Seasonal Traditions, And More

by Nicole Barylski
On The Vine - "Growing up our father loved Christmas, so celebrating the holiday season and Christmas is very much a part of our family and the way in which Marc and I spent our youth," Wölffer told us.

A London Party Celebrates Biodynamic Award-winning Chene Bleu Wine Crowdfunding Opportunity

by Lee Fryd
On The Vine - "The ancient Greeks believed that bees actually collected honey from the heavens, so there's always been a very strong connection between bees and spirituality," Xavier Rolet told the room of friends gathered for the tasting. "Napoleon made bees his emblem and in Ancient Greece they were a symbol of immortality."

INTERVIEW: Nicole Miller Dishes On Her New Rosé

by Nicole Barylski
On The Vine - "Now that I've expanded into many lifestyle categories the rosé was a perfect fit," Miller told Hamptons.com.

Jon Bon Jovi's Hampton Water Named Top Rosé Of 2018

by Nicole Barylski
On The Vine - "It's a true testament to all of our hard work and I could not be more proud to share our excitement for, and love of, Hampton Water with people all over the world," Bon Jovi reflected.

"Wine In Focus" Coming To The Montauk Beach House

by Nicole Barylski
On The Vine - "The show is a collection of images, both still and in motion, curated to engage fresh conversations and explore fun and new perspectives for how we view wine," Vanessa Price explained.

INTERVIEW: Jesse Bongiovi Dishes On Diving Into Hampton Water, Working With His Dad, Jon Bon Jovi, The Best Part About Creating A Rosé, And More

by Nicole Barylski
On The Vine - "In the first 48 hours we had gone through 700 cases," Bongiovi told Hamptons.com about Diving into Hampton Water's initial release.

Grammy-Award Winning Musician Launching Hamptons Inspired Rosé

by Nicole Barylski
On The Vine - "Creating this wine with Gérard was just as creative as collaborating with another songwriter, Gérard uses his talents and wine knowledge just like a gifted musician," Bon Jovi said.

It's About To Get Real Hoppy At Long Island Fresh Hop Fest

by Nicole Barylski
On The Vine - "What a unique experience for local beer lovers to come to an event and see how local breweries like mine are using local hops in everyday production and to have the ability to taste the unique flavors offered by a fresh hopped beer," said Greg Martin.

Montauk Wine Company Launches With A Tasty Rosé

by Eileen Casey
On The Vine - "We knew we could make an appealing premier rosé blend that would pair well with food," said Anneris Blair.

North Fork Wineries Teaming Up For Rosé Crawl On National Rosé Day

by Nicole Barylski
On The Vine - "It's a fun, unique way to celebrate rosé - in the casual spirit of Bridge Lane - on its national holiday," said Ami Opisso.

Why Is There Another Rosé Shortage In The Hamptons This Summer?

by T.J. Clemente
On The Vine - Long Island wineries use "approximately 15 percent of their grapes for rosé with the reds and whites taking up most of the grape harvest," according to Gabriella Macari.

Yes Way Rose's Nikki Huganir And Erica Blumenthal Talk About The Sip Of The Season

by Nicole Barylski
On The Vine - "We're far from pretentious about how we drink rosé," they said. "We like to drink it out of tumblers and water glasses by the pool and compostable Susty party cups when we have a big party or tasting."

Wölffer Estate Vineyard Holding Annual Harvest Celebration Over Columbus Day Weekend

by Nicole Barylski
On The Vine - The party will feature festive fall fare, sips and entertainment.

Sparkling Champagnes & Decadent Chocolates: Two Classics For New Year's Eve

by Nicole B. Brewer
On The Vine - There are so many great pairings to enjoy over the holidays. Our favorite is bubbly champagne and sparking wines with rich, dark chocolates on New Year's Eve.

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