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A Gift Of HALL Wines For Valentine's Day

Mixology - For those who are tired of the ordinary dozen roses or box of chocolates on Valentine's Day, the gift of HALL Wines is the perfect way to give something unique and thoughtful.

Grey Goose L'Orange Pumpkin Carver Cocktail

Mixology - Trick or treat! As Halloween lurks just around the corner, Grey Goose Vodka Mixologist and author of “Raising the Bar,” Nick Mautone, has created a new treat instead of an old trick.

Toasting To The New Year

by Nicole B. Brewer
Mixology - Planning a party at your home for New Year's Eve requires a myriad of lists - a guest list, the menu, the set-up, and more. Setting up your bar is another list that is often overlooked until the last minute. This time plan ahead and only get the essentials - plenty of ice, beer, a few bottles of wine, and instead of going for a full bar, choose one signature drink.

Bierre De Mars, A Spring Ale Specialty At The Southampton Publick House

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
Mixology - This installment of “Mixology” might better be called “Brewology” as we feature a seasonal offering from one of the East End's oldest and most honored craft brewery, the Southampton Publick House. Bierre De Mars, in its fourth spring release, is nothing short of stellar.

Fang-tastic Cocktail Brew From Corzo Tequila!

Mixology - This Halloween leave a lasting mark on guests with a chic fang-tastic cocktail! Inspired by the recent vampire craze, renowned New York City Mixologist Jonathan Pogash channels the flavors and trends of the season.

Blueberry Cosmo From Barristers Restaurant, Southampton

by Nicole B. Brewer
Mixology - During the summer it’s easy to go for the quick and easy Margarita, Mojito, or Daiquiri but for a sweet, but not too sweet, change try a Blueberry Cosmo at Barristers Restaurant in Southampton.

Tropical Tiki Colada By Pure Cool

by Nicole B. Brewer
Mixology - Ever wonder how the stars stay so thin and in shape? Beyond the personal trainers, celebrity diets, and plastic surgery some stars actually eat right and cut out the sweets. Well - one sweet the stars are keeping in their regimen is Pure Cool flavored water.

Serving Up 'The Ponquogue Painkiller'

by Diane Roncone
Mixology - An occasional bartender since 1981, Greg Johnson has worked at The Inn Spot in Hampton Bays for nearly four years. During that time he has concocted the “The Ponquogue Painkiller,” an adapted version of a recipe that hails from Soggy Dollar Bar in the British West Indies.

Derby Day In A Glass: Why The Mint Julep Reigns

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
Mixology - Okay, so you were out and about at your favorite Kentucky Derby party drinking one or just watched it on television wishing you had one, in any case the Mint Julep is a great drink anytime throughout the summer.

The Classic Scotch 'Old-Fashioned' - A Gentleman's Favorite

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
Mixology - A classic, old-fashioned cocktail for this week's recipe - appropriately called a Scotch "Old-Fashioned.” This cocktail is considered by many to actually be the first drink ever referred to as a cocktail.

The Classic Negroni

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
Mixology - Jimmy Angelo, head bartender at The Restaurant at the Inn in Quogue, mixes up a true classic that dates back to the 1890s - the classic Negroni.

Gin Returns: The Bombay Sapphire "Aston Martini"

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
Mixology - It seems that this summer gin is back, Bombay Sapphire specifically. We got the heads up that many of the Hampton's toney nightspots are highlighting Sapphire inspired cocktails.

Cointreau Pearl: The Newest Sensation In Cocktails

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
Mixology - So how does a rough around the edges, straight gin drinker like this reporter get assigned to cover a new cocktail sensation called Cointreau Pearls? The old expression, “Like pearls to swine” had to be rattling around my editor's mind at the time.

Almond's Plum Sake Mojito

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
Mixology - Large quantities of stone fruit had been dropping from trees behind Almond American Bistro, so mixologist Kevin Tunney decided to develop a new cocktail program that features the locally sourced fruit in new ways.

The Driver's Seat Long Island Iced Tea

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
Mixology - Long Island is famous for many things - Long Island potatoes, Long Island ducks and Long Island clams. Although the Long Island wine industry had already been harvesting grapes for over a decade at the time, its alcohol related international fame first came in the form of a cocktail, the Long Island Iced Tea.

Bamboo's Clementine Martini

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
Mixology - A local East End favorite, particularly on Thursdays when Happy Hour consists of free sushi at the bar and half-priced “Saketinis” (Sake Martinis), a cocktail from Bamboo of East Hampton is featured in this installment of our Mixology series.

Finn McCool's Irish Coffee Martini

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
Mixology - Finn McCool's in Westhampton Beach has an extensive Martini Menu, and we tried the Irish Coffee Martini for this installment of Mixology.

The Lodge's Hennessy Black Sidecar

by Douglas MacKaye Harrington
Mixology - Down along the railroad tracks and off the East Hampton beaten path is The Lodge Bar & Grill. Although that might sound like the opening lyrics to a great blues tune by the likes of Muddy Waters, The Lodge at 31 Race Lane is an East End favorite with a great happy hour.

Akvinta Vodka Toasts The Season

by Eileen Casey
Mixology - Getting ready for the holidays might also include stocking the bar and serving some clever drinks that family and friends might enjoy. Akvinta Vodka has come up with a few tasty libations.

Tasty Cocktail Recipes To Enjoy During The Holidays

by Eileen Casey
Mixology - During the holidays, there are always some new and fun cocktails family, guests, hosts and hostesses might like to try.

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