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Sixty-Something: The Magic Of Hamptons Sounds

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - In the Hamptons there are so many sounds I have enjoyed and collected in my brain that conjure up great memories.

Sixty-Something: The Only Time The Jets Won The Super Bowl

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - The phrase "long-suffering Jets fan" has become a staple in sports reporting.

Sixty-Something: Those Wonderful High School Varsity Jackets

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - That jacket now is one big memory and relic of high school sports. A time literally 50 years ago when I could run to race, jump to catch a football pass, crouch to catch a baseball game and carry a golf bag for 18 holes.

Sixty-Something: The Collection Of Old Family Photos

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - Sadly one day all those stories and words will be "discarded" with those photos.

Sixty-Something: Getting Back Into Shape Hamptons Style

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - I swear when I leave I can feel my clothes fit just a touch looser.

Sixty-Something: Ten Hamptons New Year's Predictions For The Year 2019

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - It is fun to make predictions for any new coming year.

Sixty-Something: Rocking Around The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - It's definitely is a thrill to skate under that large iconic Christmas tree.

Sixty-Something: The Magic Of Outdoor Christmas Lights

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - While I'm decorating outside I flashback to my dad, to my years with my children and finally how much I still love coming home to our house all lit up for Christmas.

Sixty-Something: My Love Affair With Christmas Trees

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - What I always remember first was the strange thin lights that had a hot oil substance in them and bubbled when lit.

Sixty-Something: My Too Many Hiking Boots

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - Each boot has multiple stories of trips in the White Mountains, the Green Mountains, the Rocky Mountains, the Alps, even Camp Hero in Montauk.

Sixty-Something: East End Indians' History And Lore

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - Mr. Bayles explains, "On the north side from west to east were the Matinecock, the Nissequog, the Setalcott, and the Corchaug (Cutchogue) tribes. On the south side in the same order were Canarsee, the Marsapeague, the Secatogue, the Unkechaug, the Shinnecock, and the Montauk tribes (Montauketts) or groups. The Manhassets occupied Shelter Island."

Sixty-Something: My Gardiner's Bay Sailing Season Of 2018 Comes To An End

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - There are only so many sailing seasons in a sailor's life. 2018 was magnificent - I had many perfect breezes and powerful sunsets.

Sixty-Something: Alec Baldwin Is Sixty-Something And Making News

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - East Hampton Village folks seem to know Baldwin as a hometown presence.

Sixty-Something: My Best Vacation Mistake

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - The moment of truth came as we checked out and our worst fears, that all was too good to be true, were not realized.

Sixty-Something: Two East End Bike Ride Suggestions

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - Let's face it, when we were young there weren't many sixty-something folks in spandex on road bicycles anywhere to be found.

Sixty-Something: The Lighthouse At Cedar Point

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - Even today many sailors on their way from East Hampton's Three Mile Harbor must negotiate the tricky current, narrowness and lack of cooperative wind when sailing through what is now not Cedar Island, but Cedar Point.

Sixty-Something: It's Montauk Daisies' Time In The Hamptons

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - Until I lived in Montauk I was not familiar with Montauk daisies.

Sixty-Something: Marie Eiffel Brings A Pleasant Touch Of France To Shelter Island

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - There are moments in special places that crystalize the essence of pure joy.

Sixty-Something: My All-Time Favorite Hamptons Mixed Drink

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - The drink was always heaven on a hot summer's day.

Sixty-Something: The Majesty Of The Hamptons In September

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - The many beaches while always beautiful are now so personal because there are with only a handful of sun and sea bathers.

Showing Results 81 to 100 of 102
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