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Sixty-Something: The Pure Magic Of July In The Hamptons

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - I have extra clean towels on the back seat along with a spare bathing suit because you never know when you might turn left instead of right and drive to a beach for a couple of moments of Hamptons July beach bliss.

Sixty-Something: My Most Magical Musical Night In The Hamptons

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - The bands took a unison break, the music stopped and out walked Paul Simon wearing a Yale baseball hat, with one of his signature Guild folk guitars strapped over his shoulder.

Sixty-Something: My Favorite East End Lobster Dinner Restaurants

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - I can still remember as a young boy of five or six when my mom brought home live lobsters to cook and the lobsters escaped from the bag and scrambled out of the kitchen.

Sixty-Something: Participating In This Year's Montauk Blessing Of The Fleet

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - The boats circled and the horns buzzed the sun-kissed sea as the crews joyfully greeted each other's boat as they passed proudly waving and saluting and saying a few inside jokes that made the fishermen twinkle with laughter.

Sixty-Something: The Stupid Mistakes

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - I am always fascinated when I hear sixty-something folks talking about their lives saying that if they were to do it all over again, they wouldn't change anything.

Sixty-Something: Why The Hamptons Summer Season Is Great For My Mental Health

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - The East End has a soulful healing magic. I appreciate it.

Sixty-Something: Coffees In The Hamptons

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - There is a certain pleasure to the process of grinding your choice selected coffee beans and then brewing your personal own coffee.

Sixty-Something: Over 20 Hamptons Locations For Cocktails With Friends

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - It's always fun to plan ahead on where to meet the many friends who eventually come out east to visit.

Sixty-Something: TV, Cable Series and the Hamptons

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - I am watching a cable TV series and boom, a scene about the Hamptons comes along and there is always something inaccurate that bugs me.

Sixty-Something: Loved Living In The Ditch Plains Trailer Park

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - Some of the best days I ever had living in the Hamptons happened while I was living in "The Montauk Shores Condominiums," or as it's affectionately called the "Ditch Plains trailer park."

Sixty-Something: The Hamptons, Springtime Weddings And Wedding Cakes

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - My wedding day occurred in the height of an East End springtime day but during a nor'easter. Record rainfall flooded the parking lot.

Sixty-Something: Hamptons "Walk And Talks"

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - There are some wonderful Hamptons walks we love to do besides the usual walk down the beach along the breaking surf and back.

Sixty-Something: My First Montauk Friends Of Erin St. Patrick's Day Parade

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - This was the largest small-town big time parade I have ever seen.

Sixty-Something: Thinking Hamptons Summer When It's Still Winter

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - Baby it's cold outside but warmer weather is just a month or so away. Yes I am thinking of the 2019 Hamptons summer season even though it is still winter everywhere in the USA! Swimming at the East End beaches, barbecues, outdoor parties, open windows at the house and so much more is just around the bend!

Sixty-Something: My Worst Hamptons Snow Shoveling Tale

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - As I get older my fondness for things grows. However one thing I am never fond of is waking to have my driveway and car buried in deep heavy newly fallen snow.

Sixty-Something: Those Last Hurrahs Of Getting Older

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - I cannot explain to those who ski and have never done the Valle Blanche why it is difficult, no matter what level you ski because ski ability is not a huge factor in completing this feat as is endurance, strength and determination.

Sixty-Something: The Magic Of Hamptons Sounds

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - In the Hamptons there are so many sounds I have enjoyed and collected in my brain that conjure up great memories.

Sixty-Something: The Only Time The Jets Won The Super Bowl

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - The phrase "long-suffering Jets fan" has become a staple in sports reporting.

Sixty-Something: Those Wonderful High School Varsity Jackets

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - That jacket now is one big memory and relic of high school sports. A time literally 50 years ago when I could run to race, jump to catch a football pass, crouch to catch a baseball game and carry a golf bag for 18 holes.

Sixty-Something: The Collection Of Old Family Photos

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - Sadly one day all those stories and words will be "discarded" with those photos.

Showing Results 61 to 80 of 102
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