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Sixty-Something: Halloween Memories

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - I still remember separating the candy and giving my mom the apples some folks gave me. The big deal for me back then were the Babe Ruth bars!

Sixty-Something: Why You Should "Stop And Smell The Roses" In The Hamptons

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - With so much uncertainty fluttering around annoyingly, it's time to look to the certainty. What is a certain is that the East End of Long Island is very beautiful.

Sixty-Something: Loving The Mid-September Weather On The East End

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - Great weather is the great equalizer. A beautiful day makes everyone see the beauty around them so much easier, and on the East End, there just is such an abundance of beauty you just can't help but smile.

Sixty-Something: A Future Of Beautiful East End Days

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - The East End of Long Island is a special place. This last year has been an example of the magnitude of just how unique of a place the East End is.

Sixty-Something: Gardiner's Island - The Mysterious Private Island Of East Hampton

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - I have spent the last 17 years infatuated with all things Gardiner's Island. I see it every time I sail in Gardiner's Bay, which is quite often.

Sixty-Something: A Man's Home Is His Castle

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - The seasons are about to yet turn again with Labor Day now behind us and the year 2020 entering its final few months.

Sixty-Something: Unique Shelter Island Stands Alone

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - Every summer, I make a few visits to Shelter Island - both by sailing there and by taking the South Ferry or North Ferry with my car.

Sixty-Something: World Renowned Hamptons Artist Touches My Life

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - Art is a broad term, but for me, a painting can go beyond that as it opens up and brings light to the furthest corners of my mind and soul while somehow touching my heart.

Sixty-Something: What Will The Hamptons Look Like This Fall?

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - There is no doubt a big change is coming to the Hamptons this fall. New homeowners are enrolling their children in the schools with many working from their new homes.

Sixty-Something: My Greatest Montauk Fishing Story

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - We were scared. We were thirty to forty miles from Montauk in the ocean and feared these huge creatures might flip the boat, they were under us, next to us, in front of us and behind us.

Sixty-Something: August In The Hamptons Is Solid Gold For Spending A Day At Sea

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - What I love about the Hamptons and the whole East End of Long Island is the plentiful wide-open spaces that the many bays, parks, farms, and yes, the Atlantic Ocean help create.

Sixty-Something: It's Never Too Late To Learn How To Kayak

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - For years we have watched the kayaks and paddle boarders around us and never did I ever think or know the true passion my wife (also in her mid-sixties) had to actually kayak.

Sixty-Something: 2020 Hamptons Mid-Summer Report

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - As the weather heated up on the East End of Long Island, I realized there are only seven more Saturdays until Labor Day.

Sixty-Something: The Story Of Two East Hampton Born Fathers Of U.S. First Ladies

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - Both men were born and are buried in East Hampton, but in different cemeteries as they are from two different centuries and two different religions.

Sixty-Something: About Those Cormorants In The Hamptons

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - "Nobody ever ties up there because that's under the night light pole where the cormorants like to sit and poop all night long," a nearby fisherman explained.

Sixty-Something: "Destination Sailing" In The 2020 Hamptons

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - The pristine clear and beautiful waters that surround the Hamptons, along with steady breezes, makes sailing in the Hamptons special. The views rival anywhere in the world, but are especially pleasant in the summer.

Sixty-Something: Phase 2 Fine Outdoor Dining In The Hamptons

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - This was to be my first Hamptons restaurant dining experience since early March 2020!

Sixty-Something: 2020 Is The Year Of The Bicycle In The Hamptons

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - The bikes are all unusual and defining of those who are riding them. There are the old style cruisers, very stylish and cool but not as efficient as the multi-gear lightweight carbon fiber high-tech, high-speed road bikes.

Sixty-Something: Peace And Love, Through Understanding

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - We all must do the right thing - not at the right time, but all the time. At the end it would feel better if we knew we left our world a better place because we did the right thing.

Sixty-Something: Love Still Makes The World Go Round In The Hamptons

by T.J. Clemente
Sixty-Something - Even in the darkest hours of the failed loves of my past I have always believed in the power of love, it's glow on life, it's ability to make best things happen. How can anyone disagree?

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