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Dr. Craig Austin Helps Patients Look Good So They Feel Good At Cane + Austin

by Eileen Casey
Here's Who's Here - "Your skin is a reflection of your general health," noted Dr. Craig Austin.

The Free Ride: James Mirras And Alex Esposito Keep It Free, Friendly And Fortunate For Those Getting Around The Hamptons

by Eileen Casey
Here's Who's Here - "It's really become an interesting micro-transit solution in places like San Diego, Santa Monica and West Palm Beach," shared Esposito.

Josh Tanner And New York Prime Beef: They Do Have The Beef

by Eileen Casey
Here's Who's Here - "A truly great butcher can tell which piece will break perfectly based on the size and type of cuts we have for an order," noted Tanner.

Joey Wölffer: A Stylish Visionary With Moxie!

by Eileen Casey
Here's Who's Here - "There are so many different interpretations of 'Hamptons lifestyles' but my Hamptons lifestyle is built on the Hamptons of the past when it was an artists' colony," said Wölffer.

Brian Kelly Of East End Tick & Mosquito Control: Nothing Bugs This Entrepreneur For Long

by Eileen Casey
Here's Who's Here - "Tick and mosquito borne diseases can be prevented," Kelly noted.

Gary DePersia: The Corcoran Group's "Broker In The Know"

by Eileen Casey
Here's Who's Here - "I've seen growth in geographic areas previously less desirable, along with buyers' less reliant on proximity to the ocean," noted DePersia.

Leyla Marchetto: Navy Beach Inspired By Worldwide Travel

by Eileen Casey
Here's Who's Here - "I think we all agreed that we wanted to make it as Montauk as possible - keeping the venue and the atmosphere, and the food and service approachable, comfortable, and relaxed, thus taking advantage of our unique location on a 200-foot private bay beach in Montauk," said Marchetto.

Dede Gotthelf Of The Popular Southampton Inn Talks About "Her" Hamptons

by Eileen Casey
Here's Who's Here - "I enjoy all that Southampton offers in all seasons and try to share this with our guests," said Gotthelf.

Art Of Eating: Bold Face Event Planning For Bold Face Names And Locals Too

by Eileen Casey
Here's Who's Here - "One thing that we do see trending is the laidback and casual ambiance," shared John Kowalenko and Cheryl Stair. "Passed hors d'oeuvres are a thing of the past."

Michelle Neufeld Montak: A Pawsitive Protector For Animals

by Eileen Casey
Here's Who's Here - "I feel honored to give these precious animals, who would otherwise not stand a chance, the wonderful lives that they deserve with people who cherish them," Montak expressed.

Montauk Brewing Co.: Founder Vaughan Cutillo Toasts The Town

by Eileen Casey
Here's Who's Here - "Right now our biggest challenge is not running out of beer," Cutillo told Hamptons.com. "It is a testament to our fans and they are absolutely loving the brand and beer!"

Edwina von Gal: A Landscape Designer Hoping For A Perfect Earth

by Eileen Casey
Here's Who's Here - "The landscape industry has been based on the use of synthetic chemicals for such a long time that both the service providers and their clients are convinced that you can't have beautiful landscapes without them," said von Gal. "So we need to build confidence in the fact that once landscapes are weaned of their dependency on chemicals, they can function much better than ever."

James Katsipis: Photographer Extraordinaire With Swells And Locals

by Eileen Casey
Here's Who's Here - "The perfect shot is the one that transports you into that moment," said Katsipis.

Zach Erdem: This Restaurateur Has Game At 75 Main

by Eileen Casey
Here's Who's Here - "I pride myself on my passion and consideration for each person that walks into my restaurant," said Zach Erdem, who along with 75 Main has two new East End ventures.

Jack Lenor Larsen: A Man For All Seasons

by Eileen Casey
Here's Who's Here - "Don't seek a job nor a career but find a calling - something you want to do all your life, that you will sacrifice for, but in the end, be rewarded; if not with fame at least with a life of choice," says Lenor Larsen.

Chris Hall: CP Complete's Renaissance Man With A Beat

by Eileen Casey
Here's Who's Here - "I enjoy every aspect of working on some of the most amazing homes in the country, and I am truly fortunate to meet incredibly interesting people as I help them make the most of their beautiful homes and landscapes," said Hall.

Nick Kraus: Man About Town - Keeping It Real While Humming A Happy Tune!

by Eileen Casey
Here's Who's Here - Long-time promoter and partner at the Stephen Talkhouse, Nick Kraus is certainly a man about town; and not just the town of Amagansett, or East Hampton, Montauk and elsewhere on the East End, Kraus' commitment to his community and to worthy causes has taken him as far away as England and Israel.

Julie Berger Of Nick & Toni's: Wine And Dine For A Very Fine Evening

by Eileen Casey
Here's Who's Here - "For me, wine brings people together; it makes a meal more than just food, it becomes an experience," said Julie Berger.

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