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Dana Edison’s Yoga is Not One Size Fits All Custom Practice Journal and companion two-CD set

Originally Posted: August 10, 2006

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If you still haven't given yoga a try but you really want to here's a great way to get started - Dana Edison's Yoga is Not One Size Fits All Custom Practice Journal (Radius Yoga LLC, $21.95) and companion two-CD set (Radius Yoga LLC, 2006, $18.95).

The Journal is a customizable 116-page three-ring binder with nearly 200 illustrative color photos and step-by-step instructions to accomplish 75 different yoga poses organized by training focus such as, "Core," "Twisting" and "Balance," to name a few. The two-CD programmable set offers clear verbal instruction and guidance on how to accomplish yoga poses and create your own customized yoga routine.

Yoga enthusiasts can select from 20 color-coded sections in the Journal to create their own, personalized routine. A handy plastic CD sleeve allows users to store the instructional CDs and other yoga music. Blank pages in the back are perfect for making notes about your own personal yoga practice, routines and progress.

From the accompanying 2-CD set, users can select from 20 tracks of verbal instruction that also correspond exactly with the Journal sections; tracks are easily downloaded to an iPod or other mobile device.

Included are "Suggested Sequences" that direct readers toward accomplishing their personal goals, be it stress relief, better posture, increasing energy or improving overall muscle tone. "Especially for Athletes" provides sequences geared for golfers, cyclists, runners, bodybuilders and team sports players—baseball, basketball, football, hockey, tennis and soccer.

Edison got the idea for the workbook and CD combination after hearing her clients complain about the restrictive nature of yoga DVDs. She says, "Many of my students tell me they have trouble practicing alone in between sessions or classes for one or more of the following reasons: 1) They feel lost trying to figure out how to sequence a practice alone, 2) Are not motivated without my instruction, 3) Get bored with the same practice over and over via a DVD, and 4) Find it difficult to set up properly in front of the TV due to space issues or that the area is carpeted, which is not ideal for yoga mats."

"The CDs empower people to maintain a guided totally portable personal practice that is still entirely in their control." Most yoga studios do not have mirrors for this very reason, and instructors tend not to demonstrate every pose so that students are forced to become aware of their own bodies, rather than using a visual aid as compensation for that awareness. Instead of relying on visuals of the perfect pose on a TV screen, students listen to Edison's direction and feel the sensations in their own bodies to safely find their way into their own "perfect" poses.

Radius Yoga Conditioning can be contacted by email, info@radiusyoga.com, or phone, 978-664-1249. Purchased alone or as a set these products will help you max out your yoga routein. Twenty-five lucky winners will win the set of DVD's and the journal from Hamptons.com just by being a member and signing up for the Hamptons Weekly Brief.

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