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What Does 'Property Owned In Severalty' Mean?

by John A. Viteritti
Real Estate News - If a property is owned "in severalty," doesn't that mean more than one person owns the property?

Do I Have To Pay Taxes On The Sale Of My Property?

by John A. Viteritti
Real Estate News - In order to better understand the answers to this question, the article published previously should be read first.

Am I The Mortgagor Or The Mortgagee?

by John A. Viteritti
Real Estate News - Am I the mortgagor or the mortgagee is often the subject of discussion at social gatherings of the rich and famous as well as just ordinary folks. It is not uncommon for members of both groups to come up with the wrong answer.

What Went Wrong With The Mortgage Market?

by John A. Viteritti
Real Estate News - I defined what a mortgage is and certain clauses contained in a mortgage. In order to try to address at least one aspect of what went wrong with the mortgage market, we would have to look at the subject in a historical context.

Market Value, Price, Cost; What's The Difference?

by John A. Viteritti
Real Estate News - When a real estate agent performs a comparative market analysis, (CMA), for a prospective seller, the agent is attempting to determine the probable price the property will bring in a competitive and open market.

What Is The Difference Between A Referral Fee And A Finders Fee?

by John A. Viteritti
Real Estate News - What is the difference between a referral fee and a finders fee in a real estate transaction? Under NY State Law, a person may not be paid a referral fee who does not hold a real estate broker's license.

Get The Lead Out!

by John A. Viteritti
Real Estate News - When it was discovered that lead could be hazardous to your health, the Federal Government passed a law regarding the sale and rental of housing built prior to 1978.

'It's A Free Country, Ain't It?!'

by John A. Viteritti
Real Estate News - In the field of real estate, private property is subject to environmental laws, building codes, zoning ordinances, just to name a few. The government's authority to do this is known as “police power.”

What Are Covenants, Conditions And Restrictions?

by John A. Viteritti
Real Estate News - A person who owns property and has the property sub-divided in accordance with laws governing subdivision, may restrict the use of the land through a restrictive covenant in the deed or by a separate recorded declaration filed with the County Clerk's Office in the County.

What Is The STAR Program?

by John A. Viteritti
Real Estate News - It is not true that in order to be eligible to qualify for the STAR exemption you must be under a certain income, over a certain age, or have children in school.

Codes, Codes, And More Codes!

by John A. Viteritti
Real Estate News - Buildings codes are primarily intended to protect the health and safety of the building's inhabitants as well as protect the welfare of the general public.

Brown Harris Stevens Wins Affiliate Of The Year Award

Real Estate News - Brown Harris Stevens is pleased to announce the luxury residential real estate firm has been selected as the 2010 Affiliate-of-the-Year by Christie's Great Estates.

The Corcoran Group Launches Real Estate App For Android

Real Estate News - On September 16, The Corcoran Group, New York's largest residential real estate firm, released its Corcoran real estate app for Google's Android platform which is now available on all Droid smartphones.

Reverse Mortgages - What Are They All About?

by John A. Viteritti
Real Estate News - Is there a way that I can stay in my home permanently if I so choose, pay off an existing mortgage on my home, make no monthly payments, receive non-taxable-payments on flexible terms, among other items.

What Is This You Are Asking Me To Sign?

by John A. Viteritti
Real Estate News - To give the subject a historical perspective, back in the 1980s the Federal Trade Commission conducted a nation-wide survey of sellers and buyers of homes where a real estate broker was involved in the sale.

What Is The Seller's Property Condition Disclosure Law?

by John A. Viteritti
Real Estate News - The Seller's Property Condition Disclosure Law went into effect in New York State on March 1, 2002.

What Does 'Burger King' Have To Do With The Mortgage Crisis?

by John A. Viteritti
Real Estate News - Nothing really, but if you have been following the news, you may think otherwise. Given the fact that the subject of the halt in foreclosures has gotten much-deserved media attention, it may be useful to define some terms being bandied about.

This Was No Laughing Matter!

by John A. Viteritti
Real Estate News - During a so-called sellers market, when there are more buyers interested in purchasing than there are available properties for sale, real estate agents compete for listings.

The New Dynamics Of Real Estate

by Joseph Kazickas
Real Estate News - Patterned behavior is at risk to the power of the “Big Shift” and perhaps the sooner we rethink our old methods the sooner we can derive benefits from these fast changing times. For starters, if you are hoping to sell real estate now you will be better served by making sure your property is part of the knowledge flow.

I Can't Believe That Somebody Else May Own My Property!

by John A. Viteritti
Real Estate News - In an earlier article we addressed how one party may acquire the right to use another party's property without permission - a prescriptive right.

Showing Results 381 to 392 of 392
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