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Memorial Day Weekend, Did You Survive?

Originally Posted: June 09, 2010

Sean MFK Bruns

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Dr. Marc Radosa, Christopher Michael, Michelle Madonna, James Arin and Celeste LaMontagne at Dockers. (Sean MFK Bruns)

Southampton - Greetings all, it seems as though I have been everywhere in the last two weeks. It's all too much and I am just not yet able to hang at full throttle, but I am hanging on and staying on the ride!

Sean MFK Bruns, Paul Wilmot and Jesse Giordano.

The Thursday of Memorial Day Weekend I was at Georgica Restaurant and Nightclub for their Private Friends & Family "Sneak Peak." Owner, Sean Kehlenbeck was his usual gracious self and welcomed us as we arrived at 7:30 p.m. for dinner. Georgica looked beautiful as always - it is one of my favorite buildings in the Hamptons. Sitting like an old Gatsby Mansion on the banks of Georgica Pond in Wainscott, it is a beautiful setting for many fun times. We had drinks at the bar and I enjoyed a fabulous house chardonnay and then went into the main dining room for dinner. Dining at my table was Cathy Dransfield of Saunders Realty, Ann Ciardullo of Sotheby's Realty East Hampton and her houseguest David, Marissa Gribbins of Homenature-Southampton and Michaela Kennedy of Old Town Crossing Home Furnishings & Design Firm in Southampton. We had a beautiful dinner, the best filet mignon I have ever had and fabulous crab cakes, along with a truffled duck pizza. The music was mellow and very chill and the company was divine. Enjoying her birthday across the room at a fun table of 12 was the host of East Hampton Public Television's "The Ladies Room" Talk Show Judy McDowell and her husband the artist, Michael McDowell. The night was enjoyed by all and the food was sensational thanks to Chefs Robert Hesse and Seth Levine (of Fox's "Hell's Kitchen" reality show).

Elise Tomashoff and Laurie Lux.

Friday I dined at Muse Restaurant in Water Mill, where three time James Beard Foundation guest Chef Matthew Guiffrida dazzled with his new summer menu. We had fun summer cocktails at the bar, which is a saltwater fish tank allowing you to sit and enjoy your drinks while watching the vibrant sea life moving in the tank below your cocktails. The food was beyond delicious and so gourmet. It was swinging and we enjoyed our long dinner thoroughly. From Muse it was on to Trata in Water Mill to have fresh fruit infused vodka cocktails on the rocks while moving to the amazing mix of European lounge music, with a concentration of the exotic beats from Greece. We sat outside on one of the comfortable sofas and enjoyed the very active people watching!

Saturday was a rollercoaster! At 5 p.m. I was at the swinging Hamptons.com Toast to Summer Cocktail Party in the beautiful garden of Engel & Volker's Real Estate on Main Street in Southampton. Who knew this beautiful space existed hidden on Main Street? It was a crush of fabulous guests eager to get the night started! We had a delicious Rose from Lieb Cellars Winery on the North Fork and Star Vodka. We also sampled the fabulous cheeses from Southampton's Village Cheese Shop. Seen working the crowd were Michael Wuydka, Jesse Giordano, Denise Bornshein, and Amadeus Ehrhardt of Engel & Volkers, Irina Shayk (Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model), Coerte V. W. Felske (author of "Scandalocity") and model Jessica White. Hamptons.com Executive Editor, Nicole B. Brewer was decked out in jewels on loan from the Tamara Comolli Boutique n Main Street in Southampton which was generous enough to supply the glitz for the evening.

Yacht at Sunset Beach.

From the Hamptons.com party it was over to the Southampton Yacht Club as guests of the Commodore Mark Caldwell and his wife Suzanne for the "Raising of the Flags Ceremony" and Cocktail Party. It was a sea of navy blue blazers and an unbelievably charming event. The food was sensational and it was a very patriotic and enjoyable event. Caldwell gave an eloquent and amusing speech updating all on the yacht club's achievements over the past year and the flags were raised up the yardham during the setting sun. Seen on the lawn at the Yacht Club were Rear Commodore Steve Lamson, Kim Nichols of Spark Business Designs, Christine and John Brennan of Hamptons Handmade Ties, Ian Harrington, Jesse Giordano, and Vice Commodore Sandy Griffin. After cocktails it was out to East Hampton for drinks at the newly reopened and undeniably chic Maidstone Hotel. What a renovation! I had an ice cold cosmopolitan and toured the beautifully renovated space. The Maidstone was always a jewel of the Hamptons and continues to shine. Swedish hotelier Jenny Ljungberg has done a top to bottom renovation and the restaurant, bar, lounges, and the guest rooms are all refreshed and reconceptualized with a fresh European flair. Definitely check it out!

Maria Favichia, Jesse Giordano, Karen Clements, Jacob Goldsmith and guest at Sunset Beach.

Next was Phillipe Chow Restaurant at Lily Pond - here was some of the traditional Memorial Day horror one tries to avoid. We arrived at Lily Pond and our car was taken by the valet - when asked if we could just have drinks we entered the swinging restaurant. The restaurant looked beautiful and was packed, but once arriving at the bar which was about five deep, it became apparent that a lack of bartending staff was bringing things to a halt at 11 p.m., after 40 minutes of trying to get a drink, no one around was able to get drinks either. I'd had enough and returned to the door where I was asked why I was leaving so soon. I informed them of the predicament and said it just did not seem like the night to be there. Off to Lily Pond where we encountered an exotically costumed doorman working the rope - the empty rope - as we were the only people at the "rope" at 11:30 p.m. - a shade early. He gave us the run around about the night being sold out and so on. When I pressed that we only had about a half hour and just wanted to grab some cocktails, he finally fessed up that they were just not ready yet to open. Okay moving on. After all the publicity surrounding the controversy at the Lily Pond property this spring, I think perhaps being on their A-Game for Memorial Day weekend would have been a good idea.

Celeste LaMontagne, Christopher Michael and gang at The Maidstone.

After the Maidstone next up was Michael Gluckman's new Boathouse Restaurant at the old Bostwicks out in the Springs in East Hampton. We arrived to this jewel on the bay to a swinging scene. The stairs were teaming with a great looking crowd and we entered to a riotous party, a mix of people enjoying a late swinging dinner to those getting ready for dancing and a serious night of music and party. To say it was a pumping Boathouse Party on the bay would not be an understatement. This was quite the contrast to the stuffy miss of an experience at the pretentious and not delivering Lily Pond in town. The always attentive manager Rory got us cocktails and we worked the bar room while a funky fabulous female DJ was setting up her equipment in the bar room and was having herself a time setting up in the packed room, at last she got started and the whole vibe changed and the place began to swing. We ended up in the huge new second story porch the Boathouse has added to the west side of the building which was all set up with lounge furniture and comfortable French bistro bar stools, and proceeded to settle in for a party which only grew. We were there at 2 a.m. at a party that had the energy and feel of when the Hamptons were a real blast - when Tavern and Conscience Point and Jet East were all having decadent parties filled with the fabulous all at the same time and you could bounce from one to the other all in the same night. Boathouse was swinging but definitely needed some more bar staff. Dancing around a coffee table in a lounge area sometimes is so much more chic then being squeezed on an overcrowded dance floor.

Frederico Azevedo, Jesse Giordano and Lanka Dupont.

Finally it was off to bed in the beautiful pool house of an East Hampton friend. We were up at 7 a.m. as I fiddled to get the gates open to get out of the driveway without waking the lady of the house and it was homeward bound. We stopped at Twice Upon a Bagel in Wainscott for the biggest most delicious toasted bagel heaped with lox, hot coffee and off to a closed to the public Wolffer Estate Vineyard, to sit in the sun on the front steps and enjoy breakfast. Then it was home to bed for a few hours of much needed sleep poolside where I could faintly hear The Hamptons Roundtable broadcasting from The American Hotel on 88.3 Peconic Public Broadcasting coming over the pool speakers. It was one of the best I have heard of these as the Housewives of NY dished on their weekend and teasingly threatened to release the addresses of hot private parties as they were heading to the same party I myself was off to.

Sunday evening it was onto Jason Binn's home in Southampton for his Memorial Day Poolside Cocktail Party. The circular drive was filled with Ferraris and the party's special guest was the beautiful Mariska Hagirty. It was a poolside bonanza of old friends and very familiar faces. Star Jones in a beautiful mermaid train floor length skirt from Calypso was quietly making the rounds looking stunning and serene. I chatted with her briefly and was struck by how truly happy she seemed, a rest out of the hot glare of the spotlight has seemed to truly let her flourish. The always lovely Beth Ostrosky, Countess Lu Ann De Lessups, a vivacious and excited Kelly Bensimon, a very slim and looking fabulous Binn with his beautiful wife Haley, Jacob Goldsmith and Maria Favichia, Jesse Giordano, Heather Chaya Goldsmith with fiancé Yosi Tahari, Frederico Azevedo and Lanka Dupont of Uber-House, and producer Lee Friedlender. Food was fabulous by an Elegant Affair in Glen Cove. As the sun began to dip it was onto to the next soiree.

The Boathouse in East Hampton.

Leaving Southampton we drove through the Water Mill/Bridgehampton Polo country making our descent into North Haven as the sun hung like a fireball in the sky, I am not usually one for Facebook uploads but we had to stop the car many times to take photos of the amazing sunset in progress.

It was onto to the ferry and over to Shelter Island where we raced to Sunset Beach in time for what else - the sunset! I needed to pull an outfit change so we drove through the decadence of Sunset Beach which looked like a delicious slice of Ibiza and on past the Pridwin Hotel whose terrace was packed with a gorgeous crowd enjoying dinner and watching the developing sunset. Anchored in front of Sunset Beach and the Pridwin was a huge yacht with a party of its own going on. An enormous vessel complete with helicopter pad and resident whirly bird it was quite the sight as the sun sank behind it.

Cocktail party at Jason Binn's.

Outfit change completed we arrived at Sunset Beach, moments after arrival I ran into the outrageous and unbelievably fabulous Karen Clements and her handsome gentleman friend, Juan Zeledon, we collected other fun lambs as we went and soon had a whole lounge area grouped with fabulous people as we enjoyed Chambord Margaritas and listened to the fabulous music as the wonderful party wore on. I nominated decamping to Old Vine for dinner on the route back to the ferry but was overruled and we dined at Sunset Beach. There is an old saying, "I stayed at the fair too long" well, we did. Dinner was a wreck. It took ages to get a drink, ages to get food, barely a morsel on the plate and so on. But the atmosphere was certainly stunning, and sometimes in the Hamptons that's how it goes. Finally dinner was in the bag and we were back to the cars heading for the ferry. Upon reaching the ferry we were enveloped in quite the party, as Porsches, Aston Martins, Mercedes, and a Ferrari all crowded on - the Aston Martin dropped a remix of "Bullet Proof" by La Roux, and in an organic Hamptons moment everyone opened their windows shut their own music and a small dance party broke out as the ferry headed for Sunset Proof. Beautiful girls in chiffon dresses and handsome guys in white jeans and flip flops got down to the beat with the water slapping against the ferry in the background. The highlight was when one hot couple attempting to dance on and off the stairs to the Pilots Bridge was followed by the very serious droning voice of the Captain booming over the loudspeaker "Do Not Approach the Stairs" and a cheer went up from all on board! We arrived in Southampton, the Ferry staff waved us off and it was up the hills to Dune Nightclub in Southampton for the closing of the night.

Raising of the flag at Southampton Yacht Club.

Dune Nightclub/Axe Lounge was swinging on the Sunday night of the Holiday Weekend. The doorman Charlie was waiting at the rope and we were ushered straight in, the club was rocking and had been all weekend with Tinsley Mortimer, Kelly Bensimon and Bryan Greenberg all in attendance. Sunday was awesome, Crawley was behind the bar as always serving up great cocktails, the DJ had the dance floor jumping and we enjoyed ourselves in this always hot spot. We lasted till about 1:45 a.m. and it was home to bed! Can you imagine that I needed some sleep?

Monday was breakfast at the Hampton Maid in Shinnecock Hills for the always unbelievably decadent breakfast I had a mushroom, swiss omelet to die for. Then it was into Southampton to walk around with coffee and be a tourist for a little while. I ended up in Vicomte on Jobs Lane, this unbelievably hot boutique for men and women with branches in Paris, Palm Beach and Southampton. I ended up getting an unbelievable shirt to wear out Monday night, and saw some stuff I would definitely be back for, the personal service was amazing and I had a great time visiting with the owner as he helped me pick some stuff out. Really unique and beautiful sporty fun things with an elegant twist for men or women. It was then home to rally the troops for the closing party of the weekend. Paul Mahos and New Life Crisis at Dockers Restaurant & Marina on Dune Road in Hampton Bays/East Quogue. My pack and I arrived at 6 p.m. with plenty of time until sunset - to a party already in progress! We hung for a while in the new Marina Dock Lounge at the water's edge with and enjoyed chilling out and listening to the music and looking at the sun sinking in the sky. You go to Dockers and it's like going to Disney, there are all different areas to hang in, and you can dance if you want to dance, sit and eat dinner if you want to eat dinner, or just do it all, as we certainly did. The night was a rollercoaster and one of the best of the weekend, which ended with the 12 of us dancing up a storm. Seen enjoying themselves were Laurie Lux, Elise Tomashoff, Phil Scarlett, Celeste LaMontagne, Christopher Michael, Michelle Madonna, Dr. Marc Radosa, Missy Frey, James Arin, Amy Martilito, Amy Bradstreet, Jay Bavaro, Leah Knotoff, Romana Grant and countless others. It was a huge end to a huge weekend!

Amy Martilito.

Memorial Day Weekend in the Hamptons - we had weather to die for - it's been an amazing Spring and quite the start to Summer.

Some places I am planning on checking out this week are the new 75 Main opening this Friday Night in Southampton, the hot new club RDV EAST at the old Tavern space on Tuckahoe Lane in Southampton - please let this place be hot as it would be so cool to have that spot vibrant again! Coming up are the start of DRAMA Thursdays at Georgica, and the LIVE OUT LOUD Charity Event in East Hampton on June 19th. Get out there everyone and enjoy, it's only just begun and there is so much more on the way!

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Guest (Guest) from ny says::
james arin looks great here,what a suprise to find him here
Nov 16, 2010 10:04 pm

Guest (Judy McDowell) from East Hampton says::
Hey Sean You have the energy of 10 people! I always enjoy your column Yippee...party on See you on the dance floor!
Jun 15, 2010 11:16 pm

Guest (Pinky Calverton) from Quogue says::
What a wonderful weekend! Linda and are are dying to see you, sean! Where has Dante been?? Cocktails soon?
Jun 14, 2010 11:43 am

Guest (Fernando Garcia) from Southampton says::
Wow...I couldn't stop reading. You're words are razor sharp.
Jun 12, 2010 9:43 am

Guest (Karen clement) from Sag harbor says::
Gosh! You were born to write this colum! Sean no one knows thehampton scene like you do! Just smashing!!
Jun 11, 2010 6:14 pm

Guest (Rita Marg) from HB says::
Another fabulous article of the fabulous Hamps. Well done! The pics are amazing!
Jun 10, 2010 7:56 am


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