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Summertime And The Livin' Is Easy And Fun Too!

by Eileen Casey
Chatterbox - Summertime in the Hamptons, and the livin' sure is easy, and fun too. So many events, galas, and worthy causes to attend and bring attention to certainly keeps everyone hopping about.

Hamptons Are Filled With Artists Of All Kinds

by Eileen Casey
Chatterbox - The summer season certainly attracts artists of all kinds to the Hamptons, from actors and actresses to fine artists and performance artists, and of course those versed in the art of hosting, throwing and attending events.

What An Artistic Weekend!

by Eileen Casey
Chatterbox - Unless you are living under a sand dune, or perhaps didn't have a full tank of gas to battle the outrageous traffic, you may have attended so many events this past weekend, that you will undoubtedly need at least a week to recover before starting all over again next weekend because Happy Hamptons Fun with an artistic flair is well underway!

And The Beat Goes On!

by Eileen Casey
Chatterbox - The heat and beat of the season are upon us, with oodles of events happening in the Hamptons and New York City.

Here, There And Everywhere In The Hamptons: What's Up With Who This Week?

by Eileen Casey
Chatterbox - Here, there and everywhere in the Hamptons and other spots as we look at what's up with who this week.

Does Eddie Murphy Owe A Comedy Debt To African Tribes?

Chatterbox - On the streets of Brooklyn, Harlem, Watts and Compton, they called it “the dozens.”

Is Snooki The Secret Love Child Of Sarah Palin And Charlie Sheen?

Chatterbox - Richard Buzzell thinks that someone should seriously look at Jersey Shore maven Snooki's ancestry profile to see if she shares any DNA with Sarah Palin or Charlie Sheen. It's not just that he's curious. He's suspicious.

Star-Studded Crowd Gathers To Honor President George H.W. Bush

Chatterbox - Legendry Soul Man Sam Moore and judge of the upcoming TV Show "The Voice," Cee Lo Green stole the show at the Points of Light Institute's "All Together Now" - A Celebration of Service, honoring President George H.W. Bush.

Southampton Youth Bureau Presents: Hampton Idol 5

Chatterbox - The Town of Southampton Youth Bureau will present the 5th Annual Hampton Idol Vocal Competition on Saturday, March 26.

UPDATE: The Top 10 Charlie Sheen Quotes - So Far

by Nicole A. Flotteron
Chatterbox - Warner Brothers announced today, Monday, March 7, that Charlie Sheen has been officially fired from "Two and a Half Men."

Adele Met With 'Glee' Cast At 'Live From The Artists Den'

Chatterbox - This week's number one musical artist Adele performed a secret show for the Emmy nominated, public television show "Live from the Artists Den" on Friday, February 25.

Advice To Sandra Bullock: Date A Nerd

by Tony Panaccio
Chatterbox - Sandra Bullock, America's sweetheart, Oscar© winner, Razzie winner and still the best darn bus driver that the movies has ever seen (anyone remember "Speed"?) marries a biker.

Lindsay Lohan's 13th Step To Recovery: Sue Somebody

by Tony Panaccio
Chatterbox - Actress and Long Island native Lindsay Lohan (though many film critics might quibble with that designation) is suing eTrade, the retail investment website, because of eTrade's Super Bowl commercial, for upwards of $100 million.

Fools Aplenty: Lindsay, Jesse And Tiger

by Tony Panaccio
Chatterbox - The truth has a masterful way of rooting out the fools. If only it were the other way around.

Iron Man And The Iron Can

by Tony Panaccio
Chatterbox - It was back in the day when you could get a whole month's worth of comics off the giant spinner rack at the 7-11. Well, it was giant to me because I was eight years old, and everything looked gigantic to me.

Miss USA And The Start Of Hypocrite Season

by Tony Panaccio
Chatterbox - I wish hypocrites had seasons, like allergy season. Every spring, we all know that the dander will be flying and most of us will be loopy on antihistamines to keep us from sneezing our proboscis off.

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