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LI Green Living Expo Suggests 10 Items To Recycle

Hamptons Green - The 2010 Green Living Expo LI will offer consumers and business owners the opportunity for on-site recycling when they visit the event's newly created Recycling Mall.

Paterson Announces 'New York's Great Appliance Swap Out'

Hamptons Green - Governor David A. Paterson has announced that starting Friday, February 12, "New York's Great Appliance Swap Out" will begin providing $16.8 million in rebates to consumers all across New York State who purchase qualified energy efficient appliances through February 21.

East Hampton Residents Argue North Main Project Too Contemporary For Neighborhood

by Aaron Boyd
Hamptons Green - A building proposed for 132 North Main Street in East Hampton has been showered with praise by environmentally-minded architects in the community, while neighborhood residents rallying against the design maintain it will be incongruous with the area’s historic aesthetic nature, leaving the town planning board to determine the outcome.

Shopkeepers Display Green Gift Giving Ideas For The Holidays

by Kelly Carroll
Hamptons Green - Shopkeepers in the village of Southampton are seeing green for the holidays as 19 local vendors showed off their eco-friendly wares Monday night at Rogers Memorial Library to encourage East End shoppers to not only buy local this holiday season, but to do their part for the environment by giving sustainable products to family and friends.

Going Green Indoors: Clear The Air With Houseplants

by Anne Halpin
Hamptons Green - There's a simple way to clean up the air in your indoor space - bring in some houseplants. Yes, plants. They've been found to clear toxins from the air indoors. The plants absorb the chemicals through their leaves and move them down to the root system, where microbes break them down. Basically, the plants use the pollutants as food.

A Greener Home In Your Future?

by Anne Halpin
Hamptons Green - Earth Day (April 22) saw the opening of the first “green” spec house in Southampton Village. On the outside, the house looks much like any other elegant house, except for the unobtrusive solar panels on the roof. The walls are stucco, the roof is tiled with gray, blue-gray, and terra-cotta-colored slates. But those beautiful roof tiles? They're actually made of recycled soda bottles. You'd never know it to look at them. And that's just the beginning.

Spring Cleaning In A Greener Way

by Anne Halpin
Hamptons Green - Although the social calendar says it's summer, the celestial calendar says it's still spring. That means it's still the perfect time to freshen up your house with a spring cleaning.

Going Eco-Friendly? Discover The Wonders Of Bamboo

by Anne Halpin
Hamptons Green - The universe of eco-friendly materials for building and decorating is expanding, and fast. Stores are full of products for the home that are made from recycled, renewable and sustainably harvested materials.

Have Fun in the Sun, Safely

by Anne Halpin
Hamptons Green - Now that this spring's monsoons seem to be finally behind us and the sun has come out at last, we can turn our attention from protecting ourselves from the relentless wet with raincoats and umbrellas to protecting ourselves from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Green Living Starts With Green Thinking And Some Green Reading

by Christine Bellini
Hamptons Green - Looking for a way to make a difference in your daily consumption of energy and reduce your own private carbon footprint? There's a flank of new green books designed to tune up your eco-friendly conscience and while enjoying the finer creations of a design-driven marketplace.

Blue & Cream Installs Eco-Friendly Garden

Hamptons Green - Blue & Cream celebrates the renewal of its lease by building an eco-friendly garden next to boutique by iGreen, an eco-friendly garden and landscape company.

Ribbon Cutting To Be Held For First LEED-Certified Library On Long Island

Hamptons Green - Stony Brook Southampton will host a ribbon-cutting for its newest building - the first LEED-certified library on Long Island and one of just a handful in the nation – at 10 a.m. on Saturday, October 10.

Green Drinks Toasts Gold Level LEED Certified Atelier In Water Mill

by Andrea Aurichio
Hamptons Green - It takes a lot of energy to save energy. “But it's worth it,” said real estate developer Ari Meisel as he toured his newly completed project, a complex of three ground breaking buildings nestled together on the corner of Montauk Highway in Water Mill. “We're looking to the future. It's all about sustainability.”

"Great Greening Of Southampton" Continues With Weekend Events

Hamptons Green - The Sustainable Southampton “Green” Committee has coordinated October's “Great Greening of Southampton” series of events addressing recycling, gardening, conservation, alternative energy, transportation, and other “going green” ideas for homes and businesses. Several schools are also participating with assemblies and class projects.

ReSnackIt Puts A Stop To Sandwich Bag Trash

by Eileen Casey
Hamptons Green - With global warming and water and soil pollution becoming a very real threat, it's time for families to get serious about finding ways to conserve their environment - starting with their trash, according to Kristin Webster, Founder of Live and Dream Green LLC.

Paint Your Rooms 'Green'

by Anne Halpin
Hamptons Green - Now that the long, languid days of summer are behind us for another year, our focus begins to turn indoors. It's time to think about all those little household chores and home improvement projects we didn't get around to when the beach beckoned. Maybe you're ready to bring a fresh infusion of color to your indoor space and repaint a room or two.

Recycle That e-Waste!

by Anne Halpin
Hamptons Green - We have our essential gear for a year or two or maybe even five, and then the technology becomes obsolete and we have to update. All those old TVs, computers, copiers, fax machines, VCRs and cell phones start to pile up in our closets and basements.

New World Home Constructs The First 'Green' Modular Home In The Hamptons

by Aaron Boyd
Hamptons Green - New World Home erected the first LEED certified “green” modular home in the Hamptons this week, piecing together the six-part house on Hunting Avenue in East Hampton in a matter of hours.

Governor Paterson Announces Historic Solar Energy Project

Hamptons Green - Governor David A. Paterson announced an unprecedented clean energy project that will more than quintuple the amount of solar energy currently produced in New York State, and will foster the development of solar technologies, support public sustainability efforts and stimulate the economy with new clean energy jobs throughout the State.

Latest Carbon Auction Yields $32.7 Million For Investments In Clean Energy

Hamptons Green - State Environmental Commissioner Pete Grannis announced New York's successful participation in another quarterly auction of carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution allowances.

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