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The Best Long Island Wines of 2006

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - At the end of every calendar year, it’s always fun to reflect on the year that was. So, as 2006 comes to an unseasonably warm close, I thought I’d list and highlight some of my favorite Long Island wines of 2006.

Channing Daughters: Come for the Chardonnay, Get Stuck in the Mudd

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - Channing Daughters Winery, on Scuttlehole Road in Bridgehampton, is one of my favorite Long Island winery visits — even if I don't get down there as often as I'd like to. The grounds, tasting room and many wine labels feature the artwork of owner Walter Channing, giving the entire experience an upscale, yet comfortable feel.

Holiday Happenings in Wine Country

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - Like just about everywhere else this time of year, wine country is coming alive once again after a short, post-harvest breather. Here are just some of the fun things going on in coming weeks.

Wine in the Hamptons Part 1: Wolffer Estate

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - If you ask most wine lovers about wine in the Hamptons, they are going to tell you about Wolffer Estate. Yes, for many, Wolffer is the wine of the Hamptons.

Wine Basics: How to Store After You Leave the Store

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - If you're like most Americans, that bottle of wine you just bought today isn't going to last long. You'll drink it within the next few days. In that scenario, how and where you store wine isn't nearly as important as if you buy a case of Long Island's finest merlot and want to allow it to develop over the next decade.

Not All Things Get Better With Age

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - Last week we talked a little bit about the best places and ways to store your wine — information that is important for any wine lover to know. Now that you know where to store your wine, how long will it last? This week we'll uncork some information on how to choose wines that will age the best (if at all) and offer some local bottlings that deserve a place in any wine cellar.

An Open Letter to Wine Price Whiners

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - Long Island Wine consumers often ask "Where are the good values?" and "Why should I pay $20 for a local wine that is only as good as a $10 one from Australia?" Well, just like your favorite bottle of Long Island merlot, a discussion of wine prices and price-to-value ratios is a complex and nuanced one. There are dozens of factors that drive wine pricing.

August Sips and Slurps

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - Summer is winding down, with the official Hamptons season coming to a close this weekend. These are the times of year when I find myself reflecting on the previous season and looking to the next one. It's also a great time to catch up on some news, happenings, and wines that I just haven't gotten around to telling you about yet.

A Chat with the Founding Mother of Long Island Wine

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - I often refer to Lousia Thomas Hargrave as the "founding mother" of Long Island wine. In 1973, she and her then-husband Alex co-founded Hargrave Vineyards and planted the wine grapes in the North Fork's first commercial vineyard. She also helped found the Long Island Wine Council and is one of the most respected an influential people in the Long Island wine region.

Why Stick With Corks on the Forks?

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - You can talk all you want about stainless steel vs. oak barrels or merlot vs. cabernet sauvignon. The real wine fight these days is natural cork vs. alternative closure — especially screw caps. Every winemaker, winery owner, and wine lover has his or her opinion on the matter—and consensus seems impossible.

Wine Buying: Don't Follow the Numbers

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - It's happened to me and it's happened to you. You walk into a wine shop, looking for a bottle of wine to drink when you get home. Browsing the shop's shelves, you realize that you don't recognize any of the labels and you have no idea what to buy.

Resolve to Expand Your Wine Geekdom

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - I love the beginning of a new calendar year—new chapters, clean slates and all that. But, I’ve never been big on New Year’s resolutions. I do have one standing resolution year in and year out that I don’t even bother writing down: learn more about wine.

Learn Wine on Your Home Turf

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - Last week I told you about some of the best local places to learn about wine. But, you definitely do not have to take classes to expand your wine-tasting and wine-loving horizons. Of course, there's no better way to learn about wine than to taste wine — a lot of wine. But, you can do that from the comfort and affordability of your own home.

More Medical Uses for that Merlot

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - Scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health have come up with yet another reason for us — particularly men who suffer from hypertension — to drink red wine. Apparently, drinking one or two glasses of red wine a day — the default definition of moderation — can decrease the risk of heart attack by 30%.

Visit Your Local Wineries Today

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - The headline for this article says it all. Turn off your computer - after reading the rest of Hamptons.com of course - get in your car and go visit a local winery or two, or even three.

Love LI Wine? Make Your Own.

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - Many of our local winemakers—the ones making the wines many of us love so much—started off making wine at home. Their basements, garages, and kitchens served as mini-wineries. It's where they got their start and first realized the power of making wine yourself.

March Sips and Slurps

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - As spring begins, I thought it a good time to catch up on some one-off wines and news bits that I have dog-eared in my tasting notebook—notes that just haven’t made it into any stories for a variety of reasons.

October Sips And Slurps

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - Today may be Halloween, but there isn't anything scary going on in wine country—unless the conclusion of a tremendous harvest season scares you. From what I've heard, 2007 might well end up being a classic vintage for Long Island wines.

Macari Vineyards - Ready For The Holidays

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - Last week, I told you a bit about Macari Vineyards and their newly released 2007 Early Wine. As I was thinking about this week's column, I thought it worthwhile to explore Macari a bit more. You see, Macari Vineyards is a winery that does things a little differently.

A Wine That Stopped Me In My Tracks

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - Known widely as the "heartbreak" grape, pinot noir is difficult to grow anywhere, but in Long Island's humid climate and sometimes-unpredictable weather, it's even harder. So, much of the time, Long Island isn't a destination for lovers of pinot noir. But every now and then there's a gem amongst bottlings.

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