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Raphael Winery: The Spectator. Donald Trump. MoMa.

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - Raphael Winery, founded in 1996 in Peconic, features one of the North Fork's grandest tasting rooms. But, recent press coverage and activities serve as fun and interesting reminders.

Jamesport Vineyards and SPAT - Shellfish and Chardonnay

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - On Sunday, July 9 at 1:00 p.m. Jamesport Vineyards, on Route 25 in Jamesport, will be holding a Wine & Oyster Tasting to benefit the Southold Project for Aquaculture Training (SPAT). Take a tour of the vines with us.

Local Flavor from Peconic Bay Winery

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - Peconic Bay — you've had the scallops and other shellfish — but have you had the wines? Winemaker Greg Gove crafts a wide range of wines — from unquestionably sweet, entry-level wines to simple, good-value blends to vintage-dependant quality reds to some of the best locally made aromatic whites.

Waters Crest Winery - A Passionate Profession

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - Waters Crest Winery, co-owned by Jim and Linda Waters, is one of the smaller winemaking operations on the Island — tucked into a small industrial park in Cutchogue. But, a small tasting room and modest production facilities certainly don't mean that the resulting wines are diminutive.

Grillin' and Chillin' with Style

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - Most Americans drink beer, lager or ale with grilled fare at their weekend BBQs — and with good reason. But, remember, wine isn’t a snobby, pretentious luxury item, and it can be an ideal match for grilled food. Plus, it’s not as filling as beer, or as potent as a margarita.

The Rich Reds (and More) From Roanoke

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - Compared to many of its North Fork brethren, Roanoke Vineyards' tasting room, owner-run by Rich and Soraya Pisacano, and packed with rustic charm, isn't grandiose — but their rich, flavorful wines sure are.

Great 48 — Touring LI's Northernmost Wine Trail

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - Long Island wine country is divided into three unofficial wine trails—The Hamptons on the South Fork and Route 25 and Route 48 on the North Fork. To help you get the most out of your foray into Long Island wine country this is the first of a three-part series, with each focusing on one of Long Island's wine trails. This week, we begin with the northernmost trail, Route 48.

The League of Long Island Winemakers - LIMA Captures Long Island's Terroir

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - Last fall Raphael, Pellegrini Vineyards, Sherwood House Vineyards, Shinn Estate Vineyards, and Wolffer Estate Vineyards formed the Long Island Merlot Alliance (LIMA). Their goal is to promote merlot as Long Island’s signature grape variety.

Belgian-Style Beer (Not Baseball) in Cooperstown (Not Brussels)

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - Who knew that Belgium, or at least Belgian-style ale, is fewer than 300 miles away? Last weekend, I visited Cooperstown, NY to pay homage to...Belgian beer. Travel a few miles outside of this baseball-obsessed town in Upstate New York and you'll find a delicious, authentic taste of Brussels at Brewery Ommegang.

Quality Not Quantity Rules the Hamptons Winery Scene

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - Almost a month ago, we began our tour of Long Island's wine trails on its northernmost route, Route 48, where small, owner-run operations are the norm. This week, we'll hop on the Shelter Island ferry and head to the Hamptons — not for the beaches or the rich and famous — but for the wines.

Learn Wine Locally

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - If you live (or work) in Manhattan, its many culinary schools, endless wine shops and private companies all make finding wine classes about as hard as finding a pizza joint or a Starbucks. For those of us on Long Island it can be a bit more challenging. But, as the wine region grows and improves its standing, several wineries and organizations are offering a broad spectrum of classes.

Pellegrini Vineyard: Primo Red. Value Whites.

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - Pellegrini Vineyards' winemaker, Russell Hearn, began his winemaking career when most of us are just learning to drive a care - at the age of 16. In 1991, Hearn brought his considerable winemaking skills to the North Fork as Pellegrini Vineyards first - and only - winemaker.

Verjus - Very Versatile

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - What do you get when you pick wine grapes at half ripeness and bottle it without fermentation (so it stays grape juice and doesn't become wine)? It's called verjus and there's no reason to be embarrassed if you've never heard of it.

Five Great Long Island Whites That You've Never Heard Of

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - You probably know by now that world-class wines being made right in your own back yard, right? That's right — right here on Long Island. The Long Island wine region, born in 1973 with Hargrave Vineyards, has grown to include more than sixty vineyards and almost forty wineries.

A Sip For Dessert

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - Long Island isn't only about merlot. There is bay full of chardonnay, in a wide array of styles, made every year. Cabernet franc, the often-dismissed variety of Bordeaux, also does very well, particularly on the North Fork. Too often, our region's delectable dessert wines go unnoticed. So which wines are Long Island's best dessert wines?

Wine Trail Tour: Route 25 — Part 1

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - In previous columns we've visited the North Fork's northernmost wine route — Route 48 — and the three wineries in the Hamptons. This week, we tackle the longest and most densely populated of all Long Island wine trails — Route 25 (also known as Main Road) on the North Fork.

Wine Trail Tour: Route 25 - Part 2

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - To finish up our 2006 tour of Long Island's wineries, let's return to the most-populous route — 25 or Main Road — to look at a few more wineries that we didn't touch on last time.

Wines For The Day After

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - Pick up most any magazine or newspaper this week and you'll find wine pairing recommendations for Thanksgiving dinner. You'll read that this variety or that variety is best with the day's wide array of foods and flavors. Some will even say that you should drink only American wine for this American holiday. The advice is endless and all over the place.

Beaujolais Nouveau and Jungwein

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - Every year it happens — Beaujolais Nouveau descends upon U.S. wine shops like fruit fries on new wines fermenting in the cellar. It's every where. As much as I dislike these imported nouveaus, one local producer makes a chardonnay nouveau — named Early Wine — that I fell for a couple years ago and continue my love affair with to this day.

Holiday Gifts and Sips

by Lenn Thompson
On The Vine - Don’t waste your time giving lame, traditional gifts this holiday season. Your siblings have enough sweaters. Your parents don’t need a new toaster oven. And trust me, your boss doesn’t want a Starbucks gift card. This year, give the gift of wine – or wine-related fun.

Showing Results 61 to 80 of 130
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